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Stay safe and keep AP workflows running

During these exceptional times as we are all managing the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Medius team is doing its utmost to support customers, partners and employees across the globe. Below you’ll find a selection of resources to support you and your business.

For MediusFlow customers: 3 things you can do today

If you are currently using MediusFlow, here are three things you can do today to get upfront visibility into spend and help preserve your cash.

The ultimate guide to working from home

In this blog post our team shares their best tips on staying productive and motivated while working remotely.

Securing your AP & cash flow in unpredictable times

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how cloud-based technology can help finance teams achieve better cash management and risk mitigation.




We could all stay home and let the system do its magic. Jokes aside, I believe this is a real treat for everyone involved. The accounts payable staff, our managers and all employees safely approve invoices on their smartphones while on the road.

- Andrew Ainsworth, Finance Manager, Elekta

AP invoice automation: How it works

By automating every step of the invoice management process, MediusFlow allows you to reduce manual work, accelerate invoice processing, and gain greater financial control and visibility.

Companies using MediusFlow's AP Invoice automation solution have successfully streamlined their process to the point that over 90% of invoices run through a fully automated “touchless” process. Learn more about automated invoice processing.

Our vendors are extremely happy. In the past, we were struggling to pay an invoice in less than 45 days. With MediusFlow we have been able to shorten our invoice processing lead time to in average 11 days.

- Regis Litre, CIO, Marc Jacobs

A power-house in global Source-to-Pay (S2P) solutions

Medius has recently joined forces with Wax Digital. Together we offer a modular source-to-pay (S2P) suite enabling best-in-class efficiency and control of the entire S2P process, from sourcing and contracting with suppliers to placing orders, as well as matching, processing and paying invoices.  

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Discover AP process benchmarks for your organization

Try out our AP Efficiency Benchmark Calculator to learn how similarly sized companies in your industry with the same ERP system perform on the most important accounts payable KPIs.

What is AP invoice automation?

With AP invoice automation supplier invoices are processed in a fully digital workflow where some or all steps are automatically managed by an AP invoice automation solution.

AP invoice automation enables companies to eliminate paper invoices and remove manual tasks, while invoices are processed faster and suppliers are paid well in time before due date.

In order to work with AP invoice automation, you need to convert all invoice data to a single digital format, using invoice scanning and data capture solutions.

The MediusFlow AP invoice automation solution allows you to automatically code and distribute invoices to the right person for approval based on your company’s chart of accounts, business rules and approval hierarchy that are pre-configured in the system.

For order-based invoices with a corresponding purchase order and registered goods delivery receipt (GDR), MediusFlow matches each invoice row to the correct line on the order. If all of the information matches up, the invoice is automatically approved for payment – in a completely touchless process.

Learn more about AP invoice automation




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