Pay every invoice simply, securely and using the fastest and most cost-effective payment method for the specific supplier. Combining expertise from our team with intelligence-led automation, Medius Pay is your gateway to total payment management.

Turn transaction costs into revenue

Switching to electronic payments delivers big savings on transaction costs, turning a cost line into a revenue stream you can use to fund new initiatives.

Streamline supplier payment processes

Manage all your domestic and international payments through a single process integrated with Medius AP Automation.

Improve security, reduce risk of fraud

Eliminate manual tasks, create clear audit trails, and prevent errors, with our fully automated invoice-to-pay process.

Product features 

Optimized payment methods for every supplier

Let us compare your supplier profiles against our database of nearly one million suppliers worldwide to decide on the optimum payment method for each - card, ACH, or electronic print check. Next, we’ll work with each of your suppliers to move them over to the new method. If any vendor still prefers checks, we’ll take care of this too.

One simple interface covering all payment methods

Activate payments to suppliers across 170 countries and in 140 currencies via a single user-friendly interface. We’ll then execute each payment by the most efficient method.

Digital solutions that slash error rates

Free your team from the manual processes and complexity that lead to error and confusion. Touchless processing alongside error-prevention tools such as verified vendor enrollment and duplicate payment alerts gives you confidence data is complete and correct.


Once we understood that we could outsource so many tasks - make payments via check, ACH, and credit cards - and that we could get some money back, it was a huge factor for us.
Natalie Cahoone, Senior Corporate Accounting Manager, CURO Financial Technologies Corp

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Medius Spend Management Suite Overview

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