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Untapped Editorial Mission

We're dealing with 19th century data entry in a 21st century data world.You grow accustomed to how you’re doing things, and as you grow, you add people as opposed to scalable technology. The mentality has to change. - Executive Director of Finance

Mastering business finance is all about efficiency and optimization of cash flow and investment. As the financial leader in your company, you’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to improve your process without compromising accuracy or security. Accounts Payable offers one such opportunity.

You may have heard the EU and Asia Pacific have become leaders in AP Automation ROI, but researching new software technology can sometimes read like a foreign language. Don’t worry. We offer thought leadership and practical approaches to capitalizing on AP.

Untapped is a journalistic portal for financial professionals to stay up to date on AP Automation methods, technology trends, news and insight. It’s a resource from AP professionals for AP professionals. All of our content is aimed at helping CFOs, VPs of Finance, AP Managers and their teams take control of the AP process, enhance vendor performance, maximize process efficiency and, ultimately, create greater business value for their organizations.

We believe that in many organizations AP is an untapped resource (hence our name…) that, with the right tools, people and processes in place, could grow and become a critical contributor to the overall business success. Our aim is to support this transformation by providing informative, educational and motivational content.

We cover a variety of AP-related subjects to help you gain financial leverage from your accounts payable. We know our readers have tight schedules and growing responsibilities to the companies they help steer, so we keep our articles concise and to the point. We also offer planning tools and decision rubrics we’ve found effective for your edification.

Untapped articles are conveniently organized into four core categories:


Announcements and guides for new software tools and updates. How to apply the latest technology to increase efficiency and control of the AP process.


The finance team is increasingly being asked to serve as consultants for major business decisions. The role of AP is transforming from a back-office function to a strategic business partner. The subsequent ripples in team dynamics, hiring, management styles, and C-Suite interactions can not be overlooked.


New technology and team dynamics means new processes. As the financial leader of your organization, you know that overall performance relies on many factors, from choosing the right KPIs for a project to staying compliant with regulations.


Whether it’s a change in regulation or an industry superstar, if it’s AP in the news, we’ll be analyzing and reviewing the details and repercussions.

Untapped’s mission is to ensure that every Accounts Payable stakeholder is well educated and empowered to move their company forward. We’ll deliver the latest in AP news, information and resources your organization needs to thrive, without the jargon.

We hope you get value from this publication and are available to help if you have any questions.

The Untapped Editorial Team


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