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Discover our selection of white papers that will guide you through the topic of accounts payable automation, including educational guides on how to drive accounts payable efficiency and fully touchless invoice processing.

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Survey Report: Measure and Improve Your AP Flow

Medius and sharedserviceslink conducted a collaborative survey of finance executives to take the pulse of modern day accounts payable automation. Our goal was to understand the most common pain points, what processes are working well and where problems occur in the invoice journey. 

Our takeaway: Despite the growing market availability of new and improved AP invoice automation technology, many companies still share a common struggle to gain control of their accounts payable process. Some of the top pain points include: 

  • Manual steps in invoice intervention
  • Inability to efficiently handle non-purchase order based expense invoices
  • Lack of visibility over efficiency and no clear way to measure and improve

Access the full report to learn the other most common pain points as well as detailed recommendations on how to solve them. 

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A buyer's guide to AP invoice automation solutions

In this guide we’ll walk you through the 6 critical steps when considering investing in an AP invoice automation solution.
  1. Define your scope
  2. Map current AP process to identify your needs
  3. Identify system dependencies
  4. Capture IT requirements
  5. Research, audit, and compare solutions
  6. Build your business case

Access your free copy of the Buyer’s Guide now to get a detailed walk-through of each of the 6 steps, including defined, hands-on action points to get you started on the right track, right away.

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The modern AP manager's automation toolbox

5 KPIs to monitor and optimize

Consider this white paper the field guide to optimizing your accounts payable operation including the top 5 KPIs that you should track when striving to reach best-in-class efficiency and automation.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • The top 5 KPIs you need to evaluate your AP process performance
  • How to measure and monitor these KPIs on a regular basis
  • Why you need to use relevant benchmarks to compare your performance with peers
  • How to get started improving underperforming KPIs
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5 ways to drive AP to record touchless heights

So You Think You’ve Automated?

AP automation has been on the business agenda for more than a decade. However, many organizations have yet to initiate any automation and for those that have started, they may be stuck with a first generation solution with partly manual and paper-based processes that limit the success of touchless invoice processing.

In this white paper, you will discover:

  • The definition of touchless invoice processing and why this matters to the entire organization.
  • A foundation for driving change in those business areas that really affect the accounts payable process.
  • 5 tactics that will help your organization achieve the record heights associated with true touchless invoice processing.
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The true cost of paper

(aka "is it time to automate?")

It is no surprise that paper invoices are costly and time-consuming to process – and not just relating to manual data entry. But do you know how much your manual AP workflows cost your organization and ultimately affect your bottom line results?

In this white paper we break down paper-based invoice processing into four key characteristics that cause inefficiencies in a manual workflow:

  • Average cost per invoice processed
  • Average invoices processed per FTE
  • Average invoice processing time
  • Average invoice exception rate

At the end of the white paper you can conduct the self-evaluation “Is It Time to Go Paperless?” to discover the paperless state of your AP organization and learn if manual AP workflows may be holding you back and costing you more than it should.

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5 tactics to achieve true matching of invoices

Imagine a world where your supplier invoices all arrive in electronic format, float seamlessly through your AP workflow system, get automatically matched against purchase orders, contracts and receipts, then go straight through to your ERP for final posting and payment.

Within many retail and manufacturing organizations, this is still a dream scenario and in most cases invoices require a manual and time consuming review to be matched to a purchase order, goods receipt or contract. But the dream can come true: best practices show that organizations who focus on improving the level of automation can achieve up to 95% straightthrough processing of vendor invoices.

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5 reasons for AP invoice automation in the cloud

The AP invoice automation solutions of the future are built for the cloud. The list of advantages can be made long - availability anywhere and any time, fast and easy deployment and predictable cost over time are just a few.

However, you might have some questions to iron out before you are ready to decide to manage your business processes such as accounts payable fully in the cloud.

This white paper is your guide to cloud-based accounts payble automation where you'll discover the benefits that comes with the cloud and that will erase outstanding question marks within your organization.

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