Do You Recognize These AP Oh-no Moments?

  • Oh-no! The monthly board meeting is approaching and I don’t feel 100% confident that the numbers in my reports add up…
  • Oh-no! Poor invoice management creates financial surprises that jeopardize the accuracy and trust in our forecasts making my team look bad in the organization.
  • Oh-no! We are struggling to support business’ growth with inefficient and resource-heavy AP operations, resulting in higher SG&A and poor KPIs.

The Better Way: AP Ah-ha Moments

AP automation with MediusFlow can transform those Oh-no moments into Ah-ha moments.

  • Ah-ha! With MediusFlow I have instant access to the numbers I need to confidently report on our company’s cash, costs and liabilities.
  • Ah-ha! With all invoice data in one place I have a true picture of cost and my team can provide trustworthy reports, intelligence and advice to the organization.
  • Ah-ha! MediusFlow automates our AP process and helps us monitor performance to further streamline operations so that we can take on more work without adding resources.

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I’m two levels above AP processing, but I can go in and look at the scorecard to see how long invoices are taking to process. This gives us complete visibility into our full system. We can see the full company and know exactly where we stand.

- Brandon Patch, Director of Finance, SWM International

Smarter from the Start Guarantee:
Immediate Automation Benefits

MediusFlow's Smarter from the Start guarantee ensures a smooth and quick, yet thorough, implementation and adoption of AP automation throughout your organization.

It’s our promise to you that you’ll have access to the world-class, industry-leading expertise, knowledge and best practices needed to enable a highly automated AP process right from the start.

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The Numbers to Back it Up: AP Efficiency Benchmarks

When you sign up for MediusFlow, you’ll be set up for automation success – the numbers speak for themself. We aggregate anonymized AP process performance data from our cloud community and the results are crystal clear: customers using MediusFlow achieve automation levels well above industry averages.

MediusFlow Customers Performance KPIs

  • 97% touchless rate for PO invoices
  • 99% automatic distribution rate for expense invoices
  • Less than 1 day average processing lead time

Once you’re up and running with MediusFlow you can easily track your own process performance KPIs within the solution and compare to the benchmark to ensure you stay on track for automation success.