Many organizations have yet to experience truly automated - touchless - invoice processing.

Use this checklist to assess your AP organization's level of automation.

AP automation checklist

How many of these questions can you answer with a 'yes'?

  • We use coding templates to automatically code expense invoices
  • We automatically distribute more than 50% of expense invoices to the correct approver
  • We match recurring expense invoices to the payment plan in a contract for automatic coding and approval
  • More than 65% of our PO invoices are managed through a fully automated – touchless – process
  • More than 70% of our PO invoices are automatically connected to a purchase order, without any manual intervention
  • We can handle multi-PO matching scenarios
  • We use tolerances in order to automatically approve acceptable or expected fees, such as freight, according to our business rules.

Download the full self-assessment checklist to discover areas of improvements and learn how your organization can increase the level of fully automated, touchless, invoice processing

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Met een percentage hoger dan 90%, verwerken we alle crediteurenfacturen automatisch. Hierdoor hebben we het juiste inzicht en controle over onze financiële situatie. Iedereen is enthousiast - de crediteurenafdeling, het bedrijf, onze leveranciers. Het resultaat is absoluut opmerkelijk!
- AP Manager, Silver Eagle Distributors

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