Smarter from the Start Guarantee:
Immediate Automation Benefits

MediusFlow’s Smarter from the Start guarantee gives you a head-start for your next AP automation project, whether it’s implementing automation for the first time or modernizing your current AP automation set-up to achieve higher automation levels.

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Smooth Implementation by Leading AP Experts


The Smarter from the Start guarantee ensures a smooth and quick, yet thorough, implementation of AP automation in your organization.

It’s our promise to you that you’ll have access to the world-class, industry-leading expertise, knowledge and best practices needed to enable a highly automated AP process right from the start.



Smarter from the Start Guarantees Gives You:

  • Peace of mind during the entire implementation process thanks to a proven, structured methodology based on best-practices from thousands of AP automation projects around the world
  • A ‘no-surprises’ project with predictable and accountable timelines, clearly defined responsibilities and an experienced integration team that will work hand-in-hand with you all the way
  • A head-start with your automation efforts thanks to best-practice AP workflows that are pre-configured in MediusFlow allowing you to reach high automation levels from day 1
  • Advice from industry-leading AP automation experts on best-practice configuration based on your industry, ERP system, business model and specific AP process challenges
  • Clearly defined project goals based on your current situation, and access to your process performance KPIs as well as industry benchmarks within MediusFlow
  • Lifetime support from a team of Customer Success personnel who’s top priority is to support your journey of continuous improvement to reach unprecedented levels of automation and efficiency


The Medius team provides us with insights into industry norms and best-practices, which we had no clue about nor any access to before. The combination of modern technology and industry expertise has been very valuable to us.
– Alden Senteney, Project Manager, Briggs Equipment

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