Strategic sourcing success with one intuitive solution

Find the best suppliers, accelerate sourcing cycles, manage current and future savings and build a secure online contract repository, all in one intuitive solution suite. Streamline your day-to-day processes – from RFX and auctions, to contract management and spend analysis.

Our strategic sourcing suite includes:


Our easy to use eSourcing tool helps you conduct RFX events and auctions online. Suppliers can submit bids and information via the self-service portal, saving you precious time and effort.

Contract Management

A centralized cloud-based solution that manages any number of contracts. Give stakeholders controlled access to a secure repository and real-time contract visibility through our contract management software.


Savings Tracker

Gain full visibility of your savings initiatives. The Savings Tracker tool helps you record and approve savings initiatives, track spend against those benchmarks and access in depth analysis of estimated savings vs actual spend.

Spend analysis

Identify supplier rationalization and price negotiation opportunities with our Spend Analysis tool. Cleanse, classify and enrich spend data from multiple systems to realize saving opportunities and boost organizational efficiencies.




See Medius Sourcing in action
Watch the video and discover the powerful functionality of our intuitive electronic sourcing solution.


Discover Medius Contract Management
Watch the video for a first-hand view of our intuitive cloud repository.

Trusted by organizations worldwide

A single platform to drive value

Save time, reduce risk and spot savings opportunities in your supply chain

With our complete modular platform you’ll have the tools to drive your strategic sourcing success and demonstrate procurement’s value to the wider organization:

  • Speed up time to award with a feature-rich sourcing tool, so you can quickly source and onboard new suppliers
  • Get control of your contracts and avoid the risk of costly agreement roll-overs through a digitized central repository; complete with configurable access permissions
  • Enhance savings initiatives and projects within your organization, giving you a powerful platform to make a case for further innovations
  • Gain insight into wider organizational spend behavior through AI-powered analysis, helping you drive the savings agenda



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