Rejmes achieves increased automation with continuous improvements

Case study summary:

  • Rejmes Personvagnar AB
  • Handles approximately 20,000 invoices per year
  • MediusFlow integrated to IFS ERP
  • Cost savings: direct savings corresponding to one FTE
  • Automation results: 85% automatic distribution rate
  • Efficiency results: average invoice processing lead time down to 5.1 days

Rejmes Bil MediusFlow customer

Rejmes Bil is a Swedish Volvo car dealer founded in 1949. As a result of a clear strategy focusing on customer satisfaction, continuous improvements and employee engagement, the company reached the number one position in customer satisfaction out of all Volvo car dealers in Sweden in 2018.


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The entire company is focused on driving improved and more efficient processes, whether it’s about customer experience, administration or routines in our workshop. We are not afraid of initiating tough changes as long as it helps us be more efficient and provide a better service to our customers.
Niklas Johansson, CFO, Rejmes Personvagnar AB

No-one should touch a vendor invoice

At Rejmes, vendor invoices were previously managed in an old workflow system with no automation possibilities, requiring a lot of manual work and control steps in the process. A dedicated resource in the finance team had to scan, code and control the data on each invoice as well as chase approvals from the correct people within the organization.

This old-fashioned process did not comply with the introduction of the continuous improvement strategy held by the company as a whole. At this point, Rejmes decided to modernize their invoice process and implemented MediusFlow with a clear goal: no one should need to touch a vendor invoice. As part of the implementation Rejmes also decided to move to an outsourced invoice scanning solution. They put into place efforts to inform and educate the vendor base about the new routines to ensure all invoices were sent in the format required to reach and maintain a high level of automation in the invoice scanning and data capture steps as well as the workflow phase.

Rejmes Bil MediusFlow customer

Our vision is that no one in the finance team should need to touch a vendor invoice. In order to reach this goal we need to drive important changes in the organization, routines and processes.

Great time savings for finance and approvers alike

Since Rejmes implemented MediusFlow to manage their invoice processing they have experienced increased efficiency and huge time savings. Previously, one FTE spent nearly all time at work handling vendor invoices. Now, one person in the finance team spends one hour per day managing deviations, (i.e. those invoices that for some reason cannot be handled automatically by the system, often due to incorrect or lacking information from the supplier).

The efficient templates and automation capabilities within MediusFlow helps the finance team save additional time on those repetitive tasks that had been managed manually in the previous system set up.

With the old process we had to manually key in data for journal orders every time. The coding and distribution templates in MediusFlow make the coding and accrual processes so much easier. And most importantly, we save lots of time that we can spend on more value adding activities.

MediusFlow has also made invoice approvals easier for Rejmes’ managers and budget owners. Instead of being stuck at a computer in the office or logged in via VPN, the approvers can now review and approve their invoices from any device – even their mobile phone – while on the go.

MediusFlow’s mobile solution is modern and easy to use. It provides flexibility and accelerates our invoice management process since our approvers can access and approve invoices at any time, wherever they are.

Continuous improvements to increase automation

The team at Rejmes continuously updates systems and communicates with suppliers to ensure that the right data is in the right place to enable a fully automated process. With MediusFlow, they can easily pull reports of invoices and suppliers that, for some reason, get stuck in the process and identify the actions needed to improve the data quality to secure automation moving forward.

Since we no longer have an employee responsible to handle vendor invoices we have no other choice than to increase automation of the process. We need to improve all the time, be more efficient and make sure we get the most out of the systems we have implemented in the organization.

MediusFlow also allows Rejmes to measure their performance on important efficiency KPIs so that they can set goals, identify areas for improvements and follow-up on actions taken. Today, Rejmes have achieved an impressive 85% automatic distribution rate and a total invoice processing lead time of 5.1 days on average.

What get measured, gets done! We track handling time per user and present the results to our management team so that everyone understands how a lengthy process affects the entire organization. Thanks to MediusFlow, there is no longer any excuse for late approvals. Our internal user that handles the largest volume of invoices achieves an average lead time of only 2 days.
Niklas Johansson, CFO, Rejmes Personvagnar AB