Increased growth and reduced staff turnover for Office Management with the help of MediusFlow

Office Management helps companies with everything related to the office. The company has seen strong growth in Sweden in recent years, and the large volumes of supplier invoices ate up a lot of time and involved a lot of tedious manual work. 

Via Medius’ partner Exsitec, Office Management got help in implementing MediusFlow as a means of automating invoice management. “Exsitec's help with our new MediusFlow AP invoice automation solution has greatly streamlined our invoice process and greatly facilitates our administration work,” says Marie Carlander, System & Project Coordinator of Office Management.  

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Office Management is the Nordic leader in comprehensive IT, communication and office solutions. They help other companies with services and products for everything related to the office, from IT services and telephony to coffee break solutions and document management. The company has seen strong growth, and now, with over 450 employees, there has been a sharp upturn in sales. This increased the volumes of invoices, which in turn created various administrative challenges.

We were not satisfied with our existing invoice processing system. There was far too much manual work with our large quantities of invoices and we had problems,” says Marie Carlander of Office Management.

Growth and increased sales generate even more invoices

As a by-product of the strong growth, Office Management now has very large volumes of invoices from hundreds of orders a day. In total, more than 130,000 incoming invoices are handled per year. This created a lot of work that was not only time-consuming but usually monotonous and taxing for the employees in accounts payable. For example, one employee had to manually scan large numbers of invoices into the ReadSoft invoice data capture program, and then manually enter them in the Visma Business ERP system. The invoices also had to be coded, which took at least five minutes per invoice. This process became extremely time-consuming and taxing, and the huge amount of manual input often led to errors.

We experienced problems from the old system, like errors from the manual input and triple registration of invoices. The work was also tough for the employees. It was tedious, monotonous work that even caused one of our employee's hands to hurt,” says Marie Carlander.

A change was needed, and Office Management decided to implement MediusFlow as they were already familiar with it. The key criteria when choosing a solution were increased automation, matching direct spend invoices to purchase orders, and compatibility with the company’s cloud environment. Exsitec, a partner of Medius and one of Office Management's existing suppliers, was contacted to help with the new solution.

Smooth implementation of MediusFlow

Through joint workshops, Exsitec identified the business logic and processes to gain better understanding and develop a solution tailored to solving the business challenges. The goal was a project with standardized processes, and support for Office Management’s high invoice volumes and complex organization with 25–30 subsidiaries and five different business areas. In the end, this went smoothly with a single integration between MediusFlow and Office Management's ERP system.

Exsitec was on site with both business consultants and technical experts for a whole week. We discussed and they worked out an optimal solution for us. It all went incredibly smoothly,” explains Marie Carlander.  

At the beginning of the project, there were some challenges in getting the new solution to work perfectly for the users in accounts payable, but Exsitec fine-tuned the settings and the new system was soon optimized. Exsitec held training courses for the employees and made themselves available for questions in the beginning, which helped everyone get up to speed with the system.

Increased automation reduced unnecessary administrative work

The invoice management process is fully integrated with the ERP system, and almost all processing is done automatically. When an invoice needs to be processed manually, this is done quickly and easily with the help of MediusFlow. For example, the user can easily copy coding previously used for a certain invoice or supplier, eliminating the need to remember or look up coding information for each invoice. For product invoices that are automatically matched against purchase orders, there is much less manual work for administrators. This allows them to instead focus on deviation management, which saves a lot of time. The employees in administration now have a much easier workday and can get much more done. The improved invoice management has also made inventory management run much smoother as stock differences are now minimal.

The new AP invoice automation solution has enabled us to grow while keeping our accounts payable team the same size. And making the process less staff-dependent is a clear advantage,” says Marie Carlander.

In addition to reducing dependence on staff, the solution leads to more consistent, secure and cost-efficient management of supplier invoices.

Efficient invoice management reduces the company’s environmental impact

Having a large volume of invoices also causes the company's environmental impact to grow. Digitization of 1,000 supplier invoices a year creates environmental savings equivalent to 1,464 kilowatt hours (a 60 W light bulb consumes 175 kWh per year).

Overall, Office Management has reduced its climate impact, greatly increased quality, and streamlined invoice management – not to mention eliminating the tedious manual work. Employees complaining of pain in their hands is now just a memory since their job had been made much easier and more pleasant. Compared to the old solution, efficiency has doubled and attention can be given to other work tasks and more qualified work.

We and our employees in accounts payable are extremely satisfied. This has reduced our staff turnover since many had gotten tired of the previous solution. Exsitec has really inventive people. Nothing is impossible for them, and they come up with very good solutions,” concludes Marie Carlander of Office Management.

Advantages of the Mediusflow solution:

  • Automation of the accounts payable process that greatly reduces manual work
  • Shifts focus to dealing with deviations on PO invoices and creates space for more qualitative work for employees
  • Better control of invoice management – minimizes the risk of payment errors and unnecessary business risks
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Unlimited volume of invoices
  • User friendly; no special training required
  • Regular updates of the tool outside of office hours