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Wednesday May 29 2019

Fending off Fraud with AP Automation

Find out how you can protect your company's cash and detect fraudulent activity with a modern AP automation solution.

Wednesday Mar 13 2019

Why You Need a Mission and Vision for AP

Establishing a mission for the accounts payable team is the first step toward cementing its value within the organization.

Monday Feb 04 2019

Why you need an AP solution tailored to your Dynamics ERP

In this blog post we discuss the different AP automation options available for Dynamics users and how the quality of the Dynamics connector is crucial to achieve high levels of automation.

Wednesday Jan 09 2019

Evolving with Automation: How to Scale Accounts Payable for Business Growth

Scaling your business isn't easy, but leverage accounts payable automation can pave a smooth road to growth and success. Read these tips on how you can scale your accounts payable process to accommodate business growth.

Wednesday Dec 19 2018

Top 3 accounts payable blog posts from 2018

We’ve summarized the most popular blog posts this past year. Take some time to catch up on new ideas, tips and best practices during the holiday season.

Tuesday Nov 20 2018

Leverage AP data to become your CFO’s super hero

Companies have much to gain by leveraging the data derived from supplier invoices to improve accuracy and timely delivery of finance reports, identify hard savings opportunities and process improvements.

Friday Oct 05 2018

Top 3 Takeaways: Prepare AP for the Digital Transformation

This blog post summarizes the key messages covered during the premiere webinar, "Prepare AP for the Age of Digital Transformation."

Thursday Sep 06 2018

Face it! Paper invoices belong in the past

Paper mail is still a common invoicing method. But this does not mean your accounts payable team needs to be stuck with paper stacks on their desks and late-night shifts of manual data entry.

Tuesday Aug 14 2018

Measure, Monitor, and Track the Critical KPIs for AP

Learn how to optimize your accounts payable process using the most relevant KPIs and data-driven benchmarks

Thursday Jul 26 2018

Increase Visibility and Efficiency with Intelligent Invoice Matching

Learn the various ways that modern invoice matching and automation can drive record levels of efficiency and increase overall visibility.

Wednesday Jul 25 2018

Easier month & year-end closing with AP data you already own

Reap the benefits of the valuable data flowing through your AP process and enjoy an easier closing period.

Thursday Jul 12 2018

So you think you're automated?

Are you sabotaging your day-to-day productivity by not reaching your full potential of efficiency? Find out in this blog post.

Wednesday Jun 20 2018

5 Symptoms of an Unhealthy AP Process

Self-diagnose your AP process with this guide to the 5 signs of an unhealthy AP process. If you recognize these symptoms, it’s time to rethink AP.

Tuesday May 15 2018

What is: AP invoice automation

In this blog post, we’ll walk through the basis of AP invoice automation – what it is, how it works and how it benefits accounts payable teams as well as the organization as a whole.

Wednesday Apr 04 2018

Guide: GDPR for Accounts Payable

This blog post will help you understand what you need to do to ensure your AP organization and process are compliant with the GDPR.

Monday Mar 12 2018

Survey: How finance executives rate the state of their AP flow

Finance executives are making automation a priority. Read the top trends from the executives we surveyed and recommendations on how to set your organization apart from the statistics as a leader in efficient AP flow.

Monday Feb 05 2018

Infographic: How to Improve your AP Flow

This infographic presents the four key takeaways from our “State of the AP Invoice Flow” survey and the top three ways to address the most pressing issues.

Tuesday Jan 23 2018

Checklist: 6 steps to identify the right AP automation solution for your organization

Read this blog post to get started researching, evaluating and selecting the AP automation solution that best matches your organization’s needs.

Tuesday Dec 12 2017

3 accounts payable trends to prepare you for 2018

Is 2018 going to be the year your accounts payable organization gets truly automated? Get ready with these top 3 trends…

Wednesday Oct 18 2017

3 Life Hacks for Accounts Payable

The effects of a manual or broken accounts payable process extend beyond lengthy invoice approvals and delayed vendor payments. In this blog post we'll share 3 accounts payable life hacks that will make your day-to-day so much better.

Wednesday Aug 23 2017

How to use Kaizen to improve your AP process: A formula based in philosophy

Do you know the connection between accounts payable automation and the Japanese philosophy from the post-World War II era known as Kaizen, roughly translated to “improvement” in English? While lacking descriptiveness, the translation (and its connection to AP) will make sense shortly – keep reading to find out.

Friday Jul 07 2017

Your 3 Step Guide to Building a Solid Business Case for AP Automation

Discover the foolproof guidelines for building a business case and earning a buy-in for accounts payable automation from executive management and stakeholders.

Friday May 19 2017

Top 3 Tips from Best-in-Class Accounts Payable Organizations

In this blog post, we’ll share what successful AP organizations do differently than others to achieve top score efficiency and automation results.

Thursday Mar 23 2017

How to Harness the Power of the Cloud for Accounts Payable

If you’ve heard of AP Automation before, chances are you know just how many varieties of accounts payable software are out there. There are on premise systems, invoice scanning software, solutions for procure to pay, open source programs – and the list goes on.

Thursday Mar 16 2017

Reclaim Control of Your Non-Merch Spend - Top 3 Strategies

I’ve worked with leading retailers like Cineplex, Marc Jacobs and Polaris and in this blog post I share my key learnings of how they’ve managed to reclaim control of their non-merch spend and ensure their business stays competitive.

Monday Jan 30 2017

The ABCs of automated invoice processing

If you are new to automated invoice processing and struggling to navigate through the accounts payable terminology jungle with terms like “AP automation”, “touchless AP processing”, “matching ratio” and “e-invoicing” – here’s a blog post to help you get back on course. Continue reading for the ABCs of automated invoice processing.

Tuesday Jan 10 2017

Achieve your New Year’s resolutions with more efficient invoice processing

It’s that time of year again. We all want to start fresh, eat healthier, exercise more and spend more time with the family… The key is to focus on the one New Year’s resolution that can help you gain the time you need for all of the above: be more efficient at work.

Monday Dec 05 2016

Marc Jacobs’ latest miracle: AP invoice automation

Retail innovator Marc Jacobs automated their accounts payable process in just 1 month – transforming a paper-based invoice process of 40-60 days to an automated lead time of 11 days.

Wednesday Nov 30 2016

Infographic: The road to touchless AP invoice processing

Learn how to navigate 5 bumps in the road towards truly touchless AP invoice processing.

Thursday Nov 03 2016

What Your CFO Needs to Know About Modern AP Invoice Automation

There are 5 important things your CFO needs to know about modern AP invoice automation. They address the issues that won’t go away and represent opportunities that shouldn’t be missed.

Tuesday Sep 20 2016

Benchmark your way to invoice processing excellence

Read this blog post for a step-by-step guide on how to speed up your accounts payable process using KPIs and relevant benchmarks.

Wednesday Jul 20 2016

AP automation success story: from blind-sided to heroes

It’s not every day that a support department, like accounts payable, gets super-hero status. This blog post is a success story of an AP team that did just that.

Thursday Jul 07 2016

The real benefits of touchless invoice processing

Touchless invoice processing is not just about saving time and reducing manual work. It will also improve forecasting, cost analysis and discounts. Read blog post to get the scoop.

Monday May 02 2016

3 lessons learned from automating AP invoice matching

During my 10 years’ working with companies of various sizes, industries and geographies helping them automate and optimize matching of vendor invoices, I’ve gained some really interesting experience in how to crack the nut of invoice matching.

Monday Apr 18 2016

The all-time worst AP horror stories

Paper still happens. Invoices stream in by mail, email…even fax. Each is received and sent off on its approval journey, which is typically impossible to track whether it goes to an office on the other side of the country or the department across the hall.

Tuesday Apr 12 2016

How paper undermines the books

This winter, we surveyed MediusFlow clients across the US. We were surprised by how many mentioned the “paperless” motivation behind their AP automation initiative.

Monday Apr 04 2016

Automated invoice matching is far from a walk in the park - it’s a bumpy road you need to navigate… every day

Automated invoice matching is far from a walk in the park - it’s a bumpy road you need to navigate… every day

Monday Mar 21 2016

Do you know how your AP process is really doing?

How is your AP invoice process doing? Do you see symptoms of mysterious diseases but can’t get a diagnosis? Doctor’s advice: read this blog post for hands-on tips on how to do a simple health check of your current AP invoice process.

Thursday Feb 25 2016

Infographic: 7 ways paper is undermining the books

Manual, paper-based invoice processing could be working against you. Check out this infographic to learn how.

Tuesday Feb 16 2016

Add a piece of heaven to your AP invoice process – move to the cloud

The cloud is literally a piece of heaven for AP invoice automation system owners, whether you are based in IT or Finance organizations. Continue reading for the basics of what different types of cloud service can offer you and the top 3 reasons for moving your AP invoice processing to a cloud-based solution.

Monday Jan 25 2016

Stop the paper chase madness… and stop adding to it!

We regularly hear AP managers complain that their staff spend too much time copying, distributing, searching for and filing paper invoices instead of focusing on more valuable, relevant and rewarding activities. If you recognize this pain, there’s no need for embarrassment, you’re far from alone with this guilty practice. But you know there has to be a better way, right?

Wednesday Jan 06 2016

When modernizing AP is a priority

In most businesses accounts payable is a support function, without strategic importance. In this blog post we discuss when and why modernizing AP makes sense.