MediusFlow customers achieve 90% touchless ratio, meaning most supplier invoices are handled in a fully automated process.

How is this possible? With built-in automation best practices and a holistic customer success methodology enabling our customers to drive continuous improvements of their accounts payable process.


The numbers to back it up: AP efficiency benchmarks

When you sign up for MediusFlow, you’ll be set up for automation success. You’ll get lifetime support from our Customer Success team who’s top priority is to support your journey of continuous improvements to reach unprecedented levels of automation and efficiency.

We aggregate anonymized AP process performance data from our cloud community and the results are crystal clear: customers using MediusFlow achieve automation levels well above industry averages:

  • 97% touchless rate for PO invoices
  • 99% automatic distribution rate for expense invoices
  • Less than 1 day average processing lead time

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The Medius team provides us with insights into industry norms and best-practices, which we had no clue about nor any access to before. The combination of modern technology and industry expertise has been very valuable to us.
– Alden Senteney, Project Manager, Briggs Equipment

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