Some words from Medius CEO

New year, new possibilities. Medius ended 2013 with a strong fourth quarter. From a new sales perspective, sales have increased by 78 percent year over year for the period. It’s particularly satisfying to see that the strong traction for MediusFlow spans across all of our priority markets.

18 Mar 2014

We are very satisfied with how we ended 2013, but better yet, we’ve seen how the effects are spilling over into 2014. In addition we’re proud to see that so many large organizations are choosing MediusFlow for their invoice automation needs.

When it comes to MediusFlow XI, we’re excited to present our new modules: MediusFlow Procurement and Contract.

With the new release of MediusFlow we are now positioned at the forefront of technology, user-friendliness, processing power and flexibility. Leveraging new technology advancements we’re able to present a highly attractive user experience while we’ve stayed true to our roots and provide unrivalled automation capabilities.

In January 2014 we also released our new app for iPhone, which makes it even easier for end-users to approve invoices. MediusFlow XI is now the most mobile enabled invoice automation solution on the market. MediusFlow XI works equally well on all platforms and devices: computers, tablets and smart phones.

We’re looking forward to an exciting 2014, and wish all our new customers welcome to the Medius community.

Mikael Lindblom

CEO, Medius Group