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Our AP Professionals Review the Microsoft Inspire 2019 Partner Conference

Discover what our AP professionals are saying about the Microsoft Inspire 2019 Partner Conference and key takeaways to implement in your AP department.

Microsoft’s flagship partner event, Microsoft Inspire, is where partners and Microsoft employees from around the world gather to connect, learn, and collaborate. The ultimate goal is accelerating digital transformation in the workplace. Inspire 2019 was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from July 13 - 19, and our AP professionals attended to soak up the knowledge and inspiration this event has provided for nearly two decades.

Innovations ranging from AP automation to artificial intelligence were discussed. Workshops, networking, and other opportunities made this a noteworthy event to remember for months to come. Let’s walk through some of the most interesting concepts we explored during this popular partner conference.

Microsoft Positioned as a Key Influencer - and How Medius Can Help

Microsoft is in a pivotal position as a key influencer and thought leader with the clients Medius helps. The strength of Microsoft is greater than ever, with few credible enterprise rivals that can come close to matching its impressive breadth and depth.The global reach of Microsoft cannot be underestimated with vast representation and emphasis on support for regions outside of NA, reflected tangibly in massive dedicated floor space for RoW.

Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more, impacting the 7 billion people around the globe within every community, organization, and government. With that in mind, Medius is proud to be a Microsoft partner offering robust AP automation solutions that take businesses into the next level of technology and success.. 

Intelligent Cloud for an Intelligent Edge

During the conference, the discussion opened about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning that is being embedded into everything. Technology is at the core of modern life through gaming, modern workspaces, innovative business applications, infrastructure, and data. Multi sense and multi device organizations are on the intelligent edge, implementing innovative solutions to streamline operations and boost accuracy. And the global GDP spend on technology is expected to double to 10 percent by 2030.

One example is the implementation of cloud technologies, such as cloud AP automation solutions, which enable cooperative collaboration. Remote work and other modern evolutions are supported by cloud technology. AP automation makes it easy to instantly approve invoices anytime, anywhere, and from any mobile device. 

Exploring the Pillars of Microsoft

We learned that Microsoft has 5 pillars – industry leadership, technology solutions, customer success, digital engagement, and commercial partners. These pillars are the foundation of their success. Plus, we discovered there are 200,000 certified and 40,000 certified partners that are currently investing in customer success. Microsoft has generated more than 250,000 leads for their partner community - which includes companies such as ours.

  • Through the One commercial partner program, Microsoft created an impressive  22,000 IP Cosell wins in 2019.
  • Cloud solution sales grew over 100 percent, which is evidence of the popularity of working in the cloud as more employees view remote work options as a benefit.

Cloud solutions encourage and support remote work opportunities, a definite wave of the future. Employees save money on commuting and other costs. And companies reduce costs on overhead by hiring remote workers. Cutting-edge organizations recognize the need to offer remote work opportunity to attract quality millennial employees. The implementation of cloud AP automation solutions makes this easy, enabling employees to work when they travel for business or from the comfort of their home offices.

Adopting Technology Now

Forward-thinking technologies, such as cloud AP solutions, must be adopted now for companies to stay ahead of the competition. The event focused on tech intensity = tech adoption x tech capability + trust. Microsoft assists companies in adopting the latest technology as quickly as possible, and strives to be fully aligned with its customers and partners at all times to build trust.

And tech experts predict every business is going to be a software business. The hiring of software engineers in the non-tech industry is growing at 11 percent faster than in the tech industry. Advances such as cloud AP automation software are growing exponentially because they help companies save time, improve accuracy, collaborate easily, and boost the bottom line.  

Azure is a Huge Strategic Focus for Microsoft 

Finally, we discovered more about the new Azure Lighthouse service launch, which should be very relevant to Azure CSPs. According to Gavriella Schuster, Corporate VP, OCP, “We're investing in you, with a new service that we call Azure Lighthouse. Azure Lighthouse builds partners in by design into Azure, by enabling multi-customer, multi-tenant management, at scale in a secure environment with automation. So that Azure becomes your best platform to deliver those managed services to your customers. And we're going to continue to invest in that service for you. And once you unlock cloud migrations, you unleash the customer's data. And data is the currency of the cloud. Then you have the opportunity to start reasoning over that data, to build intelligent design with AI and analytics, and help customer to re-look at their whole business and think about it in a totally different way, and think about their business decisions completely differently. And that moves you from being a strategic supplier to a strategic advisor. And I know that that is a place that we all want to be." 

Plus, the new Azure Migration Program was announced, which allows customers and partners to apply to work directly with Microsoft to plan and implement Azure migration projects. Finally, leaders of the One Commercial Partner organization shared five core attributes to partnering with Microsoft: being customer-obsessed, differentiated value proposition, alignment with Microsoft, leveraging the ecosystem, and cultural alignment. Medius values these attributes and takes them seriously in our daily business operations. 

As a Microsoft partner, we walked away from the event feeling as the name of the event represents - inspired. Medius is dedicated to helping companies around the world find the ideal cloud AP automation solutions for their unique requirements, and events such as this help us bring greater value and smarter options to our valued clients. Our goal is to help companies recognize why AP automation is a modern necessity and how its can be used to improve the bottom line. 

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