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Transforming AP

Why Invoice Data Capture is Critical to Transform your AP Department

Invoice data capture is only a small part of automating the accounts payable process, but it is a critical part of AP department operations. Especially if you want to create visibility into the company spend where you receive paper invoices.

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3 Hacks To Simplify Your Accounts Payable Process Flow The effects of a manual or broken accounts payable process flow extend beyond lengthy invoice processing and delayed vendor payments. In fact, failure to adopt accounts payable automation affects many parts of the organization making the day-to-day work life painful in so many ways. Glossary: going green initiatives for businesses - more than paperless As environmental concerns remain at the forefront of international news, businesses are going green to preserve natural resources for the future. Companies recognize the need to take steps to protect the environment for the benefit of concerned consumers. One way to reduce the use of natural resources is going paperless. AP automation makes it possible to maintain a paperless AP department and business. What Is E-Procurement? Procurement is the third process in the Source-to-pay landscape, falling after sourcing and contract management, and before supplier relationship management, invoice management and payment. What is Spend analysis Sourcing is the first process in the Source-to-pay landscape followed by contract management, procurement, supplier relationship management, invoice management and payment. Spend analysis covers the first three steps in the classical strategic sourcing process. What is the Full Cycle of the Accounts Payable Process? In order to analyze and optimize your accounts payable processes, it's important to make sure you fully understand the complete accounts payable cycle.
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