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Untapped Reviews the Microsoft Digital Transformation Academy 2019 Event

Discover what our AP professionals learned and experienced at the Microsoft Digital Transformation Academy conference in Las Vegas.

On September 12 – 14, 2019, Microsoft hosted its Digital Transformation Academy, the United States Subsidiary’s annual sales kick off where key Microsoft partners are invited to share their input on Microsoft’s global strategy and sales direction. Partners and accounts payable automation solution providers engaged in sessions with over 7,500 sales and service professionals who directly engage with Microsoft’s customers on a day to day basis. 

Innovation and collaboration are at the forefront of this invite-only event, and the highly interactive format makes for engaging conversation with lasting impressions for both Microsoft and its partners. Let’s walk through some of the takeaways from this year’s event.

Microsoft is Making Steps to Go Beyond Just Tech

Microsoft has a stronger footprint globally than ever. More and more, through the business direction they’re taking, Microsoft is rapidly moving from tech-driven to a consulting company, focusing on the ecosystem it’s developed over the past few decades. It’s no longer solely about the product made by its engineers, rather, now Microsoft is dedicating numerous resources to structure itself as the hub for business solutions facilitated by its relationships, partner ecosystem, and technology and infrastructure platforms.

Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more, impacting the 7 billion people around the globe within every community, organization, and government. With that in mind, Medius is proud to be a Microsoft partner offering robust AP automation solutions that take businesses into the next level of technology and success.. 

Cloud Isn’t Just a Tech Term – It’s Everything

By now, cloud technology has become somewhat of a standard. Reports show that enterprise cloud spend is significant and growing quickly, with surveys showing that enterprises plan to spend 24% more on public cloud in 2019 vs 2018.

Microsoft introduced its cloud service platform, Azure in 2010, providing services in domains such as sompute, storage, database, networking, developer tools and other functionality. Since 2010, Azure has quickly become one of the largest and most successful commercial cloud service providers. And Microsoft is thoroughly devoted to continue expanding its rank among competitors, with “Azure consumption” being one of the most repeated words at this year’s DTA conference.

As far as competitive edge goes, Microsoft takes a more business-focused route and does so better then it’s competitor AWS. While Amazon excels in features and depth of functionally, Microsoft is building everything needed for business’ to partner, engage and profit with Microsoft. It makes sense; so many organizations are already employing Windows and Microsoft software to run their business smoothly. The push by executives to automate the most critical business processes, particularly Accounts Payable, by leveraging cloud-technology will only further increase more Microsoft Azure consumption.

The Talent Powering Microsoft is Remarkable

Along with the impressive growth of Azure cloud consumption, Microsoft itself has been boasting some high double-digit growth in the cloud computing division, up 64% percent in their latest quarterly report. It’s no surprise then that there has been significant focus on hiring and retaining a team of highly capable account management, program management, technology architecture personnel. And based on the Microsoft team that was onsite at the DTA conference, Microsoft is demonstrating that their doing exactly that, and quite effectively.

This is not something happening only in the North American subsidiary. Microsoft has been expanding and reorganizing its workforce globally. Particularly in Europe, where the GDPR changes have sent cloud and technology companies scrambling to maintain compliance, Microsoft has stepped up to the plate and opened local data centers to ensure customers have all possible requirements for security, compliance, and data storage.

Empowering Eachother and Our Customers to Join in Digital Transformation

As the name of the conference might suggest, digital transformation was a centric idea in nearly every keynote, session, and roundtable. The event focused on tech intensity = tech adoption x tech capability + trust. Forward-thinking technologies, such as cloud AP solutions, must be adopted now for companies to stay ahead of the competition. Microsoft assists companies in adopting the latest technology as quickly as possible, and strives to be fully aligned with its customers and partners at all times to build trust.

The strategy suggested to partners and Microsoft sales executives was to focus on acting as a partner to the customer, rather than a traditional seller vs. consumer model. Being so close to the capabilities offered by cloud technology, ISVs and Microsoft understand the immense benefit that can come from investing in a digital transformation endeavor. Advances such as cloud accounts payable automation software are growing exponentially because they help companies save time, improve accuracy, collaborate easily, and boost the bottom line. Medius and Microsoft both believe that this is a necessary step for nearly every organization, and our combined goal is to help shepherd and aid our customers as they progress forward.

Having been a Microsoft partner for several years running, we were honored to be invited to attend the Digital Transformation Academy and take part in what were truly inspiring and action-focused sessions with the Microsoft workforce. Medius is completely confident in our choice to partner closely with Microsoft and deliver the best possible value and expertise we can for our clients.

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