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Celebrating the First Anniversary of Untapped: Top Ten Articles About AP Automation

In celebration of the first anniversary of Untapped, a journalistic portal hosted by Medius, we are sharing the top ten articles about AP automation news and best practices.

We are pleased to celebrate the first anniversary of Untapped, a journalistic portal hosted by Medius, dedicated to providing the latest news, innovation and best practices in the areas of AP automation, procedures and career trends to AP professionals. 

With a growing readership, AP professionals are turning to Untapped to remain ahead of the curve and be productive, progressive, and profitable in an ever-changing business world. As we focus on the year ahead, we are reviewing the top ten articles of last year to explore the most relevant topics and innovations for the AP team today.

10. 5 Accounts Payable Trends for 2019

Coming in at number ten, “5 Accounts Payable Trends for 2019” offers insight into the most important accounts payable trends that will influence AP teams this year. Developments in technology, organization, and operational excellence include the smart adoption of AP automation along with training to ensure the team maximizes its potential. AP departments around the world are now recognizing AP automation is no longer a luxury but a necessity. And the future will bring further technological advances, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to crunch data rather than replace people.

9. AP Checklist: What To Think About For the Year-End Closing Period

The next most-read article is our, “AP Checklist: What To Think About For the Year-End Closing Period.” Anyone who has worked in AP instantly recognizes this as one of the most painful processes the team has to tackle. By using this comprehensive checklist, the AP team can determine what to focus on during this stressful period and how to use automation to streamline procedures and get the job done faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

8. The CV of a Modern AP Manager - The Skills and Expertise Required

In “The CV of a Modern AP Manager - The Skills and Expertise Required,” we explore in-depth how and why AP professionals are no strangers to change. With AP automation and other modern innovations, the AP department now supports the financial control panel by providing accurate and updated data on the balance sheet, net income statement, and cash flow. AP managers are an integral part of the financial team since the removal of time-consuming and tedious manual tasks. 

7. How to Improve Working Capital By Adopting a Strategic Approach to Accounts Payable

Coming in at number seven on the list is, “How to Improve Working Capital By Adopting a Strategic Approach to Accounts Payable.” This article is based on the Working Capital series of reports from Deloitte. In summary, using a strategic approach to accounts payable can help optimize net working capital by driving operational efficiency. As AP automation takes over routine tasks, AP professionals are emerging from their back offices to become strategic partners with the C-suite. Many are discovering the company’s own balance sheets are an unexpected and substantial source of capital. 

6. Accounts Payable in the Age of Digital Transformation

As the world becomes increasingly automated, “Accounts Payable in the Age of Digital Transformation” comes in at number six on our top ten list of articles. Global organizations of all types and sizes are realizing the need to adopt accounts payable software and automation. With its implementation, the C-suite and financial team are discovering the profitable and productive possibilities of making this crucial digital AP transformation. 

5. The History of Accounting - From Record Keeping to Artificial Intelligence

Landing at number five is, “The History of Accounting - From Record Keeping to Artificial Intelligence.” The popularity of this article proves the relevance of looking to the past to move forward confidently into the future. The interesting history of accounting reveals how the evolution from handwritten ledgers to modern AP processes occurred. We explore the thought processes and technological advances that lead to the current use of intelligent automation and data capture technology.

4. Accounts Payable Glossary - Key Terms for AP Professionals

Often AP professionals want to brush up on the basics before delving into automation and other advances, as proven by the readers who visited our, “Accounts Payable Glossary - Key Terms for AP Professionals.” We regularly update this comprehensive glossary to properly define key industry terms, so the financial department better understands the AP process and what the terminology means. When in doubt, the staff can check it out to ensure they comprehend the real meaning of an AP word or term. 

3. AI and the Future of Accounts Payable

Coming in at number three is our thought-provoking article entitled, “AI and the Future of Accounts Payable.” Now that most companies have adopted AP automation, tech-savvy business people are looking to the solutions provided by artificial intelligence (AI). Many are discovering AI is changing the future and face of accounts payable by providing robust benefits such as faster processing times, higher efficiency, and more robust data insights. 

2. Cooking the Books: Five of the Top Accounting Scandals Through History

As journalists, it’s no surprise to us that, “Cooking the Books: Five of the Top Accounting Scandals Through History,” comes in at number two on our top ten list. Few people can resist the intrigue of a scandal, including AP professionals. This article reflects on some of the most well-known scandals in history, from Enron and the Lehman Brothers to Olympus. Anyone asking, “What is cooking the books?” is sure to get a complete answer from this compelling article.

1. The Five Most Useful Accounts Payable KPIs

With a virtual drumroll, we are pleased to announce “The Five Most Useful Accounts Payable KPIs” is number one on our list of the top ten articles from the past year. The majority of business functions use key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure their performance and contribution to the company’s overall success. This article explains why accounts payable should not be any different and defines the most useful AP KPIs such as cost per invoice, invoice lead time, and more.  

Untapped is proud to provide the latest industry updates to help AP professionals adopt the procedures, policies, and technologies for ongoing success. And we encourage readers to contact Medius with AP automation questions and topics they would like to see covered in Untapped in the future. After all, this fact-packed portal is all about YOU!

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