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How to Improve Working Capital By Adopting a Strategic Approach to Accounts Payable Based on the Working Capital series of reports from Deloitte, Untapped summarizes how a strategic approach to accounts payable can help optimize net working capital by driving operational efficiency. The Must Go To Finance Events for AP Professionals in 2019 The editorial team at Medius has compiled a comprehensive list of the must go to finance events for AP professionals to keep up with AP trends and happenings for 2019 and beyond. The Best Finance Books to Add to Your AP Reading List This comprehensive AP reading list of the best finance books for financial professionals helps them hone their skills, focus on personal development, and enjoy light industry-related reads. Four Strategies to Attract and Retain AP Professionals in Your Organization To find top AP talent, adopt these four savvy strategies to attract and retain AP professionals for your organization including the adoption of AP automation and more. Accounts Payable Glossary - Key Terms for AP Professionals This accounts payable glossary, which will be updated regularly, helps AP professionals to properly define key industry terms and better understand the AP process. 3 Hacks To Simplify Your Accounts Payable Process Flow The effects of a manual or broken accounts payable process flow extend beyond lengthy invoice processing and delayed vendor payments. In fact, failure to adopt accounts payable automation affects many parts of the organization making the day-to-day work life painful in so many ways. Save Time and Money on the AP Process: Automation Solutions for 2019 Cutting-edge automation solutions for 2019 improve the AP process and work conditions, increase productivity, and boost the bottom line for businesses by removing manual tasks. 5 Accounts Payable Trends for 2019 The Untapped editorial team predicts the most important accounts payable trends that will influence AP teams in 2019, including developments in technology, organization, and operational excellence. Accounts Payable in the Age of Digital AP Transformation As global organizations adopt accounts payable software and automation, the C-suite and financial team discover the productive and profitable possibilities of digital AP transformation. Why Management Should Make AP Automation for Retailers a Priority As the retail industry catches its breath after the hectic holiday season, the financial team and C-suite must make AP automation for retailers a top priority for 2019.