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What Is Accounts Payable Software? Get the Facts About AP Automation Learn how accounts payable software can help your business and why AP automation is a necessary investment to remain competitive in the future.Learn how accounts payable software can help your business and why AP automation is a necessary investment to remain competitive in the future. New Report on State of ePayables by Ardent Partners The 2020 version of Ardent Partner's State of ePayables annual report highlights the need for AP departments to rise to the challenge and meet the unexpected and daunting requirements of today's 'new normal.' Hosting AP Solutions in the Cloud vs. On-Premise As 98 percent of companies now use at least one public or private cloud for their business applications, is it time to move away from on-premise versions of accounts payable solutions for good? Setting Up the AP Team for Implementing Accounts Payable Automation Solutions Preparing your AP team to implement accounts payable automation solutions means alleviating their concerns and showing its advantages to the staff and company. Learn the Fundamentals of Invoice Matching Find out the complete answer to the question, “What is invoice matching?” and discover the role AP automation solutions play in saving time and money while improving accuracy and productivity. Do You Know How Your Accounts Payable Process is REALLY Doing? How is your accounts payable (AP) invoice process doing? Do you see symptoms of mysterious diseases but can’t determine a diagnosis? Or do you have a feeling that things are going smoothly but don’t know how to find out for sure? Doctor’s advice: read this blog post for hands-on tips on how to do a simple health check of your current AP invoice process. Managing Cash Flow During Summer Slow Down For many businesses, the summer slow down means reduced cash flow - multiplied tenfold by the COVID-19 pandemic. AP automation solutions and cash flow analysis helps companies plan how to get through slower months. Easiest Path to AP Automation - Step-By-Step Accounts Payable Guide Use this accounts payable guide to learn the easiest path to AP automation by choosing workflow software for the automation of business processes. ‘Deliver competitive advantage by investing in eSourcing’ – our take on Gartner report It takes time to pick the right eSourcing solution that works for your organization and this guide by leading analysts Gartner will help you make the right choice. How to Make a Business Case for AP Automation Discover how to make a strong business case for AP automation to streamline and improve accounts payable processes during a pandemic and beyond.