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Invoice Data Capture - a Small But Essential Part of AP Automation Invoice data capture is only a small component of automating the accounts payable process, but it’s a critical element of AP operations - especially if one of your accounts payable objectives is to create visibility into the company spend. How AP Automation Performance Metrics Tie Into Accounts Payable Goals Setting Discover how AP automation provides pertinent data and performance metrics to help AP professionals and the C-suite refine accounts payable goals setting. The Manufacturing Process and AP Automation: Improve Supply Chain Management Manufacturers are famous for ensuring that production process automation and lean manufacturing deliver to the bottom-line. However, the same continuous improvements in cost-saving should be applied in the back-office. Paperwork can bog down operations, delay just-in-time ordering, and lower organizational productivity. AP automation can achieve the opposite, speeding up operations, and boosting efficiency. Untapped Reviews the Microsoft Digital Transformation Academy 2019 Event Discover what our AP professionals learned and experienced at the Microsoft Digital Transformation Academy conference in Las Vegas. How Much Does It Cost to Process an Invoice – and Where Can You Save? How much does it cost to process an invoice? The Untapped team explains more about the average invoice processing cost, and how to reduce the cost per invoice with AP automation. Are the Robots Coming by 2020? Automation and Invoice Scanning and the AP Team Are the robots really coming by 2020? The Untapped team explores the current and future possibilities of automation, invoice scanning, invoice data capture software, RPA, and more. Keeping Up With the Speed of Business: Use AP Automation to Get Ahead The speed of business is moving rapidly in the modern global marketplace and savvy businesses are learning how to stay ahead of the curve with AP automation. Why Invoice Data Capture is Critical to Transform your AP Department Invoice data capture is only a small part of automating the accounts payable process, but it is a critical part of AP department operations. Especially if you want to create visibility into the company spend where you receive paper invoices, most commonly the indirect material and services. Best Practices To Protect Yourself Against Fraud Leveraging AP Automation Learn the best practices to protect your business against fraud by leveraging AP automation and the other benefits of adopting automated invoice processing. The CV of a Modern AP Manager – Skills and Expertise Required The changing role of a modern AP manager includes skills such as accounts payable automation selection, change management, data interpretation, business analysis, and adoption of AP automation solutions by the AP department.