Full control and visibility for your mission-critical direct procurement

Direct spend management comes on an altogether different scale to its indirect counterpart; higher volumes, increased order criticality and much more serious consequences if there's a system or process failure.

Our direct spend eProcurement suite offers a secure and safe cloud-based solution empowering you and your organization with everything you need to earn complete visibility and control over your spend.

Our Direct Procurement suite includes:

Market-leading Sourcing tools

A comprehensive tendering and auction suite that’s fully automated and integrated with your ERP, MRP and PLM systems.

Seamless integration with your back-office systems

Link your direct ordering activities with your back office to revolutionize your direct procurement processes through our highly robust and secure suite.

Detailed Supplier Management

Manage your direct spend suppliers to speed up onboarding, reduce data decay and drive performance and productivity through enhanced collaboration with suppliers.


Benefits at a glance

  • Improved compliance: Enhanced supplier qualification and on-boarding underpins vendor credentials and mitigates supply chain disruptions
  • Closer supply chain collaboration: Get instant and consolidated visibility of every transactional document and data exchange with your suppliers
  • Reduced costs: Source all materials and services – whether direct or indirect – in a single platform, and move towards volume production
  • A single view of all spend: Bringing direct and indirect under the same system gives total spend visibility in a consolidated view

Trusted by organizations worldwide

What you’ll get: Total supplier spend control and visibility

Know your suppliers

Improve the accuracy, depth and timeliness of supplier details through self-service on-boarding, creating a single version of vendor master in the cloud. Then overlay that data with surveys, scorecards, and supplier performance management to give a complete understanding of your suppliers.

Enhanced cost control

Speed up your sourcing cycles and create competitive, best-value agreements for sustainable savings across indirect spend and direct materials.

Order to invoice automation

Direct spend orders are typically generated automatically from your ERP/MRP system, but the document management and exchange process from that point on – ultimately resulting in a matched invoice – can leave a lot to be desired. Automated invoice linking and matching shortens cycle times, improves visibility and enhances performance.

Seamless integration

Our Connect integration platform ensures robust, reliable document exchange with both your back-office and any number and nature of remote supplier systems.

Bulletproof performance

A killer combination of high volumes and critical delivery timeframes means reliability and processing performance is instrumental in direct spend management and you can rely on us to scale accordingly, with unmatched availability.

Total spend visibility

With suppliers and spend across the organization all managed through a single application and integration suite, it becomes easy to get a complete view of every spend item and action through a powerful suite of integrated reporting tools.



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