MediusFlow is a best-of-breed, cloud-based AP automation solution enabling the highest rates of touchless invoice processing, the greatest visibility into AP data and the fastest deployment in the industry.

Still not convinced? Scroll down for the top 4 reasons customers select MediusFlow. 

#1 True automation allows you to focus on what really matters 

MediusFlow offers the automation capabilities you need to streamline your operations and accelerate invoice processing to keep up with the pace of the industry and focus your AP resources on the strategic and value adding tasks that really matters. 

Increase your automation levels with MediusFlow 

  • MediusFlow customers achieve up to 97% touchless ratio, meaning 97% of invoices are processed without any user touch
  • Our advanced invoice matching engine automates even the most complex matching scenarios, minimizing the time and effort to handle exceptions 
  • Automatic distribution and pre-configured coding of expense invoices allows AP staff to shift focus from manual processing to data analysis and process improvements 

Woman shakes hand with supplier

With more than 90% of all accounts payable invoices now automated and essentially touchless, we now have control of our true financial picture. Everyone is thrilled – the AP team, the business, our suppliers. The outcome is absolutely remarkable!” - AP Manager at Silver Eagle Distributors 




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#2 Total visibility of the AP process gives you full control of data and cash 

With all invoice data in one system and flexible reporting capabilities, MediusFlow gives you the intelligence you need, when you need it.  

Get more valuable insights with MediusFlow

  • MediusFlow provides full visibility of the accounts payable process for complete control of outstanding invoices, process bottlenecks and efficiency KPIs 
  • With accurate and up-to-date data at your fingertips you’ll be able to support month-end and year-end closing of books with ease and speed 
  • You can build custom reports for your unique reporting needs or leverage our standard reports, such as the CFO Dashboard, built on best-practices from our customer community 

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"I’m two levels above AP processing, but I can go in and look at the scorecard to see how long invoices are taking to process. This gives us complete visibility into our full system. We can see the full company and know exactly where we stand." - Brandon Patch, Director of Finance, SWM International 

#3 Quick deployment releases the benefits of automation already at the next month-end  

MediusFlow’s best practice workflow templates and intuitive user interface let you enjoy high automation levels and greater visibility into data within the first month after go-live, ultimately securing a rapid ROI. 

Get up and running quickly with MediusFlow

  • MediusFlow offers pre-packaged connectors to leading ERP systems and full access to technical integration documentation to ensure a quick and easy deployment 
  • Our modern and user-friendly interface on desktop or mobile allows for a smooth onboarding and quick adoption throughout your organization 
  • With our off-the-shelf solution, including best practice templates built on experiences from 3000+ customers, you’ll be set for automation success at day 1, without the need for lengthy or complex configurations 

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"The fact that MediusFlow is a cloud solution and that we were able to implement so quickly enabled us to get a very strong ROI with break-even in less than a year, which is very hard to say with most software implementations." - Maulik Patel, Sr. Manager, IT Finance Applications, Marc Jacobs 

#4 The most experienced AP automation experts in the world to help re-invent your AP 

When you select MediusFlow, you’re backed by a team of AP automation experts to support continuous improvements of your AP process well beyond deployment and transform your AP from a back-office function to a powerful strategic center of business. 

The knowledge and tools to help you succeed 

  • MediusFlow allows you to measure and monitor important AP process efficiency KPIs to assess your performance and identify areas for improvement 
  • Our unique AP process benchmarks let you compare your performance with industry peers to learn how you stack up 
  • With 18+ years of experience automating AP processes for 3000+ organizations worldwide, our customer success team has a more than solid knowledge to support your automation success 

AP team looking at laptop screen

“The Medius team provides us with insights into industry norms and best-practices, which we had no clue about nor any access to before. The combination of modern technology and industry expertise has been very valuable to us” – Alden Senteney, Project Manager, Briggs Equipment