Invoice software that’s a true time saver

The IT team is the department most impacted when a company decides to install new business technology. The wrong choice of software may result in a difficult and seemingly endless implementation project as you struggle to integrate the new software with existing systems and train users on a foreign platform. 

MediusFlow is different. As a fully cloud-based invoice processing software, you get a solution that can be deployed in weeks, rather than months.

With MediusFlow, you can:

  • Easily and quickly integrate a best-of-breed invoice processing software with your existing ERP system
  • Ensure continuous software upgrades without investing additional time or money
  • Feel confident that your organization has a future-proof solution that will continue to drive efficiencies regardless of changes in organization or IT infrastructure  


Standardization that enables real-world flexibility  

From start to finish, MediusFlow has been designed to allow your department to continue focusing your time, energy, and resources on the core tasks you already need to address every day. Hosted in the cloud through Microsoft Azure, it is quick and easy to deploy.  

Regardless of your existing IT infrastructure, MediusFlow can be easily adapted to fit your business needs. It includes standard integration packages suited to most common ERP systems and can also support multi-ERP environments. This ensures you get a highly configurable solution with no need for costly customizations.  

Man sitting behind a computer looking happy

Futureproof AP invoice automation

Automated invoice processing with MediusFlow saves time and resources for your AP department as well as your whole organization. And best of all, continuous developments to the software ensure you see better and better results over time. Because MediusFlow is a true cloud solution, system improvments always take place automatically – and at no extra charge – meaning your team never needs to worry about a time-intensive upgrade project.  

But the simplicity of deployment and upgrades only scratches the surface of the technical possibilities that MediusFlow brings to your organization. Keep reading to find out more about MediusFlow’s powerful AP automation capabilities. Or view a full demonstration to see for yourself what the software can do.  

It essentially took 3 days to implement. MediusFlow brought us their technical spec documents and we had our developers look through it, and understand how it integrates within our ERP.

- Maulik Patel, Sr. Manager, IT Finance Applications, Marc Jacobs

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