Put a stop to unwelcome surprises

On the surface, invoice automation might appear to be about simplifying the workflow for your AP department. But that’s only the start. A truly automated accounts payable process offers incredible benefits to your financial planning capabilities, helping you create new value for the entire organization.

With MediusFlow, you can:

  • Automate your accounts payable processes and drive accurate financial reporting
  • Achieve total control of your indirect spend analysis, thanks to increased data accuracy
  • Create new opportunities for direct savings and higher profitability  

Complete accuracy means complete control

When your accounting staff is slowed down by a manual accounts payable process, maintaining quality, up-to-date financial data becomes a struggle. And without a clear view of your actual liabilities, taking control of indirect spend is nearly impossible. Ultimately, it’s your bottom line that suffers.  

In contrast, a digital, automated accounts payable workflow allows you to have full visibility of your invoice process and improve the accuracy of your financial reporting. MediusFlow’s solutions integrate easily with your ERP so you can leverage all of your data and truly see the bigger picture. With total confidence in your forecasts, analyses and predictions, you can take control of your indirect spend.  

Today’s process improvements are tomorrow’s savings

While accurate data is important, MediusFlow also opens possibilities for direct savings. For starters, accelerated invoice processing eliminates your risk of late payment fees, and can even lead to new discount opportunities from your suppliers.  

With improved process efficiency, your AP department can achieve new levels of productivity, helping your growing business to increase profitability. And because MediusFlow provides analytics to continually increase your automation levels it’s possible to keep driving process improvements forward month after month, year after year.  

Not convinced? Check out a webinar to learn how you accomplish your agenda with MediusFlow as your invoice management software.  

Or view a full demonstration of MediusFlow to learn how the solution can impact your financial planning.