Go from back office to business intelligence

At many companies, accounts payable is still thought of as a back office function—a bogged down team that is constantly putting out fires.

However, you know that the value your team contributes goes far beyond that endless backlog of vendor payments. The information you process (and the fires you put out) are the heart of your company’s reporting and forecasting. And ultimately, its financial success.  

With MediusFlow, you can:

  • Remove time-consuming, manual processes and focus on value-adding tasks (rather than putting out fires)
  • Make invoice approvals faster and easier for everyone in your organization
  • Provide timely and accurate data to the business including financial statements, cash flow and accrual reporting 


Get back your time

If you’re responsible for processing your organization’s expense invoices, we don’t need to tell you what a cumbersome – and often thankless – job that can be. You might wonder how you manage to pay suppliers on time given the sheer number of manual steps and stakeholders involved in the process. Rather than focusing on core accounting tasks, much of your day gets devoted to chasing down approvals.  

MediusFlow makes these frustrations a thing of the past. The software enables you to digitize your incoming invoices and create a fully paperless accounts payable process for both indirect and direct spend. With MediusFlow, every step can be automated – from validation, coding and matching to distribution and approval.

Woman handling paper invoices

Painless approvals  

On top of improving your workflow, MediusFlow makes it easier for your colleagues to review and approve invoices. Powerful matching capabilities allow for automatic approval of order-based invoices without manual intervention from anyone within your organization. Plus, with MediusFlow’s sophisticated deviation management functionality, the right person automatically sees the right line-item information and can take action at the push of a button.  

And because MediusFlow has been designed with a modern, intuitive user interface, your team gets a system that they will actually enjoy using – both with the desktop and the mobile solution. You can transform invoice approvals from a difficult, cumbersome chore to a task that can be quickly and conveniently completed.  

A true business intelligence hub

But MediusFlow is about more than simplifying your invoice processing. It’s about transforming what “accounts payable” means for your organization.  

Thanks to easy integration with your backend systems, MediusFlow lets you get the most out of data your organization already collects. Your department becomes a center of information – providing everything necessary for improved forecasting and greater financial control across the entire enterprise.  

Are you ready to step out of the back office and into a hub of true business intelligence? View our demonstration to learn more.  

With more than 90% of all accounts payable invoices now automated and essentially touchless, we now have control of our true financial picture. Everyone is thrilled – the AP team, the business, our suppliers. The outcome is absolutely remarkable!
- AP Manager, Silver Eagle Distributors

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