Optimize accounts payable efficiency with KPIs and benchmarks

Achieve true business intelligence and increase the efficiency of your accounts payable process with MediusFlow. Our key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarking technology gives you the ability to identify and track complex factors within your workflow, enabling you to make informed decisions and transform your AP process.

MediusFlow’s KPI and benchmarking tools:

  • Are robust, cloud-based and easily accessible within the solution
  • Track key performance indicators including Touchless Ratio, invoice processing lead times and automatic distribution ratio
  • Compare automation performance levels against accurate, real-world benchmarks
  • Drill down on detailed data to reveal AP process bottlenecks and identify areas for improvement
  • Leverage best practice workflows and consult a global community of experts to drive continuous improvements

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Analytics + benchmarks = accounts payable transformation

Our platform features comprehensive, consolidated data from hundreds of companies using the same standardized processes, providing performance benchmarks from organizations with average automation levels – as well as the leading performers in AP.

With this data at hand, you can uncover meaningful, actionable business insights - which in turn lead to tangible cost savings that affect your bottom line. The numbers speak for themselves: MediusFlow customers achieve up to 97% fully touchless invoice processing, a 99% automatic distribution rate for expense invoices and an average processing lead time of less than one day.

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Consider this white paper the field guide to optimizing your accounts payable operation including the top 5 KPIs that you should track when striving to reach best-in-class efficiency and automation.

Video: 10-min solution demo

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Join our community of AP experts

As the industry leader in AP automation, MediusFlow offers you a seat at the center of the accounts payable revolution, with access to a team of experts boasting years of experience in the field. From helping you develop a framework of reporting tools for monitoring and fine-tuning your automation workflow to identifying process bottlenecks and suggesting improvements, our ever-expanding community is ready to help you change the role of AP in your business..

Do you have the technology you need to transform your AP into a powerful strategic center of business? Check out our educational resources below to discover what the right KPIs and benchmarks can do for you. Or contact us to set up a personalized demonstration.

Discover AP process benchmarks for your organization

Try out our AP Efficiency Benchmark Calculator to learn how similarly sized companies in your industry with the same ERP system perform on the most important accounts payable KPIs.