Intelligent invoice scanning and data capture

Automating the accounts payable process starts with transforming your supplier invoices - whether they’re provided in paper format, pdf , e-invoice, XML file or other - into one standardized digital format. 

MediusFlow invoice data capture offers: 

  • The market’s best scanning and intelligent invoice data capture software 
  • Powerful, accurate and detailed data collection enabling the highest levels of automated invoice processing and end-to-end reporting  
  • A digital archive of supplier invoices for easy access and complete transparency into the audit trail 
  • Unified end-to-end user experience and easier onboarding with invoice data capture and workflow in one solution

Fast, reliable invoice data

MediusFlow offers a best-in-class invoice scanning software for automated data capture and intelligent data extraction. This means your suppliers can submit invoices in whatever format they prefer and you can uniformly capture the data to enable a fully digital, automated process. The original invoices are then automatically archived in MediusFlow for you to access whenever necessary.  

No more manually entering invoice information; with MediusFlow, you can achieve a fast and paperless accounts payable process that improves data quality by reducing the risk of data entry errors. This means your AP staff gains significant time savings that can be used for more value adding, business critical work. 

MediusFlow also lets you configure the invoice data capture software to include validation of invoice details according to your specific business logic, rules or needs, making for a more efficient and automated AP process.  

True automation requires advanced invoice data capture 

The invoice data capture step is a small, yet critical, part of the accounts payable process. How and which data you collect determines the level of automation you can achieve in the invoice processing workflow. MediusFlow’s invoice data capture capabilities are designed to maximize the benefits of an automated AP process. 

  • Data is captured at line level detail to enable matching of invoices to purchase orders even in the most complex matching scenarios. 
  • As the invoice data capture happens in MediusFlow, we’ll leverage data from the AP process as well as the ERP and apply machine learning technology to improve automation and accuracy in the capture phase. 
  • MediusFlow’s end-to-end solution provides complete visibility and a full audit trail which is key to improve spend management, identify savings opportunities and gain better financial control.


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