Going digital with scanning and data capture

You wonder sometimes how your suppliers expect to get paid on time. Outdated billing systems that generate indecipherable invoices. Companies who insist on submitting paper hardcopies. These are the sources of endless headaches for your AP department, and lead to data entry mistakes that impact your financial reporting.

Scanning and automated data capture with MediusFlow lets your team manage all invoices in a standardized, digital process regardless of the invoice layout used by your suppliers.

MediusFlow gives you access to:

  • The market’s best scanning and intelligent invoice capture software
  • Efficient and accurate data collection
  • A digital archive of supplier invoices for easy access and complete transparency  

Fast, reliable invoice data

MediusFlow provides access to best-in-class invoice scanning software for intelligent data capture. This means your suppliers can submit invoices however they like and you can digitize and import the data in a uniform format based on your preferences. The original invoices are automatically archived in MediusFlow for you to access whenever necessary.   

No more manually entering information, scanning and data capture: with MediusFlow you can achieve a fast and paperless accounts payable process that improves data quality by reducing the risk of data entry errors. MediusFlow also lets you configure the capture software to include validation of invoice details according to your specific business rules or needs.  

Taking digitization to the next level

More efficient digital invoice processing enables you to realize early payment discounts, avoid negative credit impact and improve your vendor relationships.

But data capture is only the beginning. Transforming AP from a back-office function to a strategic center of the business requires a fully digitized invoice workflow. If you’re ready to go digital with your AP department, keep reading.    

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