Quick & easy set-up in the cloud

Many companies looking to automate their accounts payable process encounter a challenge when it comes to integrating a system with their existing ERP. In most cases, implementing a new solution requires a complex and time-consuming IT project.  

MediusFlow has been designed to make deployment and integration a snap. Our cloud-based solution ensures a quick and seamless deployment so you can realize a return on investment quickly.

Deploying MediusFlow means:

  • Pre-connected ERP integrations for incredible speed to value 
  • Nothing for your IT team to install and maintain — everything is hosted in the cloud
  • Cloud architecture allows for immediate access to important updates, enhancements and new features
  • Peace of mind in the form of best practices for seamlessly transitioning processes and employees

The fact that MediusFlow is a cloud solution and that we were able to implement so quickly enabled us to get a very strong ROI with break-even in less than a year, which is very hard to say with most software implementations.

- Maulik Patel, Sr. Manager, IT Finance Applications, Marc Jacobs

Give your IT resources a break

From the integration process to day-to-day operations, MediusFlow adds almost no extra work for your busy IT department. It has been built for the cloud as a standardized application, deployed through Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service. As a result, it is simple to implement and provides the highest levels of security and stability.  

Pre-connected ERP integrations ensure the set-up process is quick and predictable. MediusFlow can be easily integrated with the most common ERP solutions and is designed to handle multi-ERP businesses that rely on more than one back-end solution.  

Always on the cutting edge

Of course, the cloud doesn’t just simplify implementation, but it also makes upgrading your system a breeze.  

With MediusFlow, upgrades happen automatically in the cloud, meaning you always have access to the latest and greatest solution at all times. And it should go without saying that all of this is at no extra cost to you.

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