Automated invoice processing

Accelerate your AP workflow with end-to-end invoice automation

MediusFlow’s automated invoice processing solution delivers true AP efficiency for your business. Minimize invoice approval times, streamline your workflow and gain unparalleled visibility into every aspect of the process with our industry-leading, touchless automation tools.

Invoice automation with MediusFlow:

  • Shortens your invoice processing lead time to as little as two days
  • Gives you end-to-end visibility of the invoice process, from reception to payment
  • Removes complexity in every step of the workflow – increasing productivity and reducing operating costs
  • Boosts internal engagement with an exceptional user experience
  • Provides comprehensive analysis and insights into your financial data – allowing you to report on time and with confidence


Our vendors are extremely happy. In the past, we were struggling to pay an invoice in less than 45 days. With MediusFlow we have been able to shorten our invoice processing lead time to in average 11 days.

- Regis Litre, CIO, Marc Jacobs

Automated invoice processing with MediusFlow in 3 minutes

Automated invoice processing saves time – and money

Cloud-based and scalable, MediusFlow's solution includes our Smarter from the Start guarantee with pre-packaged connections to ERPs and best-practice workflows ensuring a positive effect on your business immediately.

We do this by:

  • Working hand-in-hand with your AP team to discover the insights needed to control costs, optimize cash flow and ensure compliance
  • Making it easy for you to track and monitor your invoice process using our benchmarks and KPIs, including our Touchless Ratio
  • Increasing internal adoption and use, thanks to an intuitive user interface across multiple devices
  • Strengthening your relationships with your suppliers; our shorter approval process ensures that you can pay them on time, every time


Join the AP revolution

The function of accounts payable within organizations is transforming - and the key to that transformation is automated invoice processing. MediusFlow is at the heart of the AP revolution, working together with a community of experts, users, and partners to continuously drive innovation that helps you solve real-world AP challenges. By giving you end-to-end automation, cash and cost control, best-in-class support, and powerful data-driven insights, MediusFlow is ready to help you change the role of AP in your business.

How does it work? Check out our demo video to view automated invoice processing with MediusFlow in action.


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