Are you ready to go truly touchless?

MediusFlow allows you to automate the AP process for order-based invoices eliminating the laborious task of manually matching invoices to the correct purchase order including searching, investigation and comparing invoice data line-by-line, freeing up time that your staff can focus elsewhere.

The MediusFlow accounts payable software lets you:

  • Automatically connect incoming invoices with the correct PO in your ERP
  • Match invoice data on line-level detail to ensure a high touchless processing ratio
  • Quickly identify and review deviations to dramatically improve approval times
  • Identify and solve process bottlenecks using powerful analytical tools


With more than 90% of all accounts payable invoices now automated and essentially touchless, we now have control of our true financial picture. Everyone is thrilled – the AP team, the business, our suppliers. The outcome is absolutely remarkable!
- Elise Byrd, AP Manager, Silver Eagle Distributors Read the full case study

Discover touchless invoice processing  

MediusFlow’s industry-leading matching engine allows you to fully automate the processing of PO-based invoices. No manual intervention is required from your accounts payable team or anyone else within your organization creating a simple, touchless experience. The invoice management process is measured and tracked using our KPIs and benchmarking capabilities, including our Touchless Ratio.  


Our accounts payable automation software facilitates the matching of incoming invoice data against a purchase order, goods receipt note or contract. It enables truly flexible matching at different levels, depending on the amount and type of data available. That means matching can be based on a wide range of information, including line items, line totals or the invoice header.

Matching invoices to contracts

The MediusFlow Contract module is used to streamline and automate recurring expenses such as rental/lease agreements and consulting services by matching invoices against an invoice plan. The invoice plan can have tolerances configured and includes GL coding information so the full power of AP automation can be used to further drive touchless invoice processing. MediusFlow Contract allows for the upload and digital archival of an executed contract for easy retrieval and review, supports configurable reminders and tracks spend against the contract.

Simplified deviation management

Thanks to MediusFlow’s efficient deviation management, it’s possible to simplify your approval processes when an invoice differs from the original purchase order. We bring best practices and work hand-in-hand with your AP team to set customizable tolerance levels for acceptable deviations tailored to your operation, specific suppliers, and business needs. 

As soon as a potential deviation is identified outside of your configured tolerances, the responsible person within your organization automatically receives an alert. Rather than painstakingly going through an invoice line-by-line, your approver sees only the specific information in need of review and can easily take action, whether they are at the office or on-the-go with our mobile solution.      

Continuous automation improvement

But truly touchless processing means eliminating deviations altogether. As a complete cloud solution, MediusFlow offers powerful analytical tools for identifying process bottlenecks so your organization can take AP automation to the next level.   In fact, the average MediusFlow user achieves 69% touchless processing, with leaders hitting well over 90%. What is your current touchless ratio?

Invoice matching resources

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