Better financial control and visibility with accounts payable reports

Control costs, optimize cash flow and ensure compliance with MediusFlow. Our powerful accounts payable reports provide you with the visibility you need to deliver your financial statements on time and with confidence.

MediusFlow’s AP data reports include:

  • Accurate accrual reporting to ensure costs are accounted for in the correct period
  • Cash flow analysis to avoid financial surprises
  • Days payable outstanding (DPO) analysis to identify supplier discount opportunities and optimal payment windows
  • Working capital trends to open up for investments in business innovations
  • Full visibility and control of indirect spend invoices

We now have full visibility and control of our invoices and financials with the new automated workflow process. We can report on-time and with complete accuracy.
- AP Manager, Silver Eagle Distributors. Read the full case study

Leverage the accounts payable data you already own

In addition to providing a range of standard accounts payable data, MediusFlow offers you the opportunity to create your own customizable reports based on the needs of your organization. You can also set up regular email summary reports, and have the latest, most critical information delivered right to your inbox. Or connect your MediusFlow report with Excel or your BI tool to ensure a consolidated view of financials. With all of your accounts payable data sitting within one system, the reporting possibilities are endless.

Making life easier for your finance team

All of your most critical metrics are displayed in one user-friendly CFO Dashboard – a one-stop shop for the data your CFO, Controller and financial team need to complete your financial statements each month. By dramatically improving the visibility and control of your company’s most valuable asset – cash – MediusFlow gives you the insights you need to make more informed financial decisions.

MediusFlow CFO Dashboard

Transform AP to a critical business partner

The role of accounts payable within business has increased dramatically in recent years. In today’s environment, having up-to-the-minute financial and AP data at your fingertips is critical to your company’s success; it enables you to capture supplier discounts, optimize spend and improve process efficiency.

Armed with MediusFlow’s state-of-the-art technology, your accounts payable team can help you realize tangible bottom-line results.

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