MediusFlow is an accounts payable software that accelerates your AP workflow by removing the manual and paper-based processes. This allows you to reach unprecedented levels of truly touchless invoice processing and provide greater control and improved financial visibility for the entire organization.

Because the MediusFlow AP automation software is hosted in the cloud, you can enjoy a seamless, rapid deployment process, automatic product upgrades and access to data-driven dashboard functionality, as well as unique benchmarks for increased efficiency and control.

Successful AP teams using the MediusFlow accounts payable software

What an accounts payable software can do for you:

  • A fully digital and efficient process for your indirect spend invoices, with pre-packaged, best-practice workflows and a user-friendly mobile solution for invoice approvers.
  • Record high touchless ratio of your direct spend invoices being matched to a purchase order in a fully automated process without any user intervention. 
  • Speed to value with a fast and fully cloud-based deployment and standardized integration packages to leading ERP systems.


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Since deployment, we have redirected employees from the considerable time spent maintaining spreadsheets and managing AP invoice information. In just four months after deploying MediusFlow, we were able to break-even on the investment. In only one year after deployment, we expect to have made $150,000 in productivity gains.

- Regis Litre, CIO, Marc Jacobs

AP automation: How it works

An accounts payable automation software will help you accelerate your invoice processing as well as improve visibility and control of your AP process.

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