Today’s technology has created incredible new opportunities for service businesses. It’s easier than ever to manage a global operation with employees who are constantly on-the-go. So why haven’t your accounts payable processes kept up with the pace of change?  

With automated invoice processing, your AP department can deliver the efficiency and global support your business demands. It’s possible with MediusFlow: an accounts payable automation solution tailored to the challenges of service businesses.

For service businesses, MediusFlow means:

  • More efficient business systems with automated invoice processing
  • Greater control over indirect spend
  • A mobile solution that enables invoice approval from anywhere in the world  

Take control of indirect spend

Regardless of the nature of your operation or the markets you serve, service businesses face common challenges when it comes to accounts payable processes. With several offices spread out across far-flung locations, you likely have a number of employees managing expense purchases with unstructured, decentralized processes. For the AP department back at HQ, this means unpredictable costs and limited visibility into spend, which can negatively impact your financial reporting and forecasting.  

MediusFlow helps you automate your invoice processing to take back control over indirect spend. Thanks to modern digital workflow and invoice capture, your AP team can more easily manage invoices with a fully or partially automated process. This accelerates your lead times, reducing the risk of late payments for better relationships with your suppliers.  

Central control, approval anywhere  

MediusFlow offers an intuitive mobile solution that can function on virtually any smartphone or tablet. As a result, your team can manage purchase requisitions and invoice approval any time of the day, from anywhere in the world.  

If your budget holders and approvers often spend more time on-the-go than they do at the office, MediusFlow’s mobile capabilities mean they can still easily and efficiently play their part in the AP process. That translates to invoice processing in mere days instead of being late on a payment.

I'm impressed by how well the MediusFlow team listens and by their will to find solutions, which made the overall experience better than we could have hoped. For example, we needed a VAT calculator on invoice row level, which the project manager quickly and easily configured after listening to our needs.

- David Berglund, IT Manager, Krambo

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