End-to-end invoice processing for Iptor

For companies using IBS Enterprise or DC 1 as your ERP solution, MediusFlow offers seamless connectivity to give you the highest level of invoice processing automation.

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With the MediusFlow AP invoice automation solution for Iptor, you get:

  • Smooth implementation thanks to the Medius consultant’s extensive experience with both IBS Enterprise and DC 1
  • A standard integration to IBS Enterprise and DC 1 that has been jointly developed and maintained by Medius and Iptor
  • Powerful invoice automation with minimal impact on your IBS Enterprise/DC 1 environment
  • Touchless processing of three-way matching scenarios.  

As a complete cloud solution, MediusFlow can be easily deployed without requiring extensive use of your IT resources. And that’s the case if you rely on IBS Enterprise or DC 1 as your sole ERP system as well as if you have a more complex data landscape.  

View a demonstration to find out more 

Or learn about how a current customer uses MediusFlow for processing invoices in Iptor.    

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