AP Limitations within Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AX, and How to Overcome Them

For all the benefits that Dynamics 365 and AX offer, AP processes introduce bottlenecks and payment risks. It’s imperative to utilize a third-party solution for AP, and if you just rely on your Dynamics platform, your finance team will lack the efficiencies they need to drive their business forward.
Watch this webinar to learn about how to drive a new level of performance. Topics include:
  • Why MediusFlow (best-of-breed AP Automation solution) combined with ACOM Solutions (best-of-breed ePayment platform) are used by thousands to drive digital transformation.
  • How this software delivers unprecedented levels of efficiency into the Accounts Payable process.
  • What makes MediusFlow & ACOM the invoice thru payment platform of choice for AX and D365 customers.