Reily Foods Achieves Significant Accounts Payable Efficiencies with Automation and the Cloud

To remain competitive, many organizations, including Reily Foods, turn to digital transformation to drive operational efficiencies in the Accounts Payable department. In leveraging Medius AP automation, they have unlocked additional benefits including improving spend visibility and cash management, as well as improved information access and scalability.

Lack of visibility and inefficiencies leaves a sour taste for a growing food & beverage company

With a heritage dating back to 1902, Reily Foods Company – a fourth-generation family owned food and beverage distributor – has an impressive host of well-known brands under their umbrella, including the in-house developed Luzianne tea – one of the first teas ever specially blended for pouring over ice.

When Paul Fournet, Associate Director of Sales at Reily Foods, first joined the company as an Accounts Payable Supervisor, he was tasked with making AP more efficient. With 100,000 invoices manually processed each year using a Windows based document management system – with no collaborative visibility or baseline reporting capabilities – it took seven full-time employees to do the job. That’s because the process consisted of manually matching, coding, and keying invoices with purchase orders, after tracking down invoices, which often went directly to other departments rather than to accounting. When an invoice was paid, it was recorded as such on a spreadsheet.

A Recipe for Success with AP Automation

Twelve sales calls and nine software demonstrations later, Reily Foods selected and deployed Medius AP Automation which offered a seamless integration to their Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP. Reily Foods worked closely with the Medius team to get full buy-in from their IT department, making sure that all of IT’s questions and requirements were met from the start. The documentation provided by Medius’ team has now been referenced as the “gold standard” for any other software implementations in the business moving forward. Reily Foods was also highly successful at promoting the solutions usability before go-live, employing a holistic information campaign to get users prepared for the new system.

We based our decision on the user experience it offers, as well as the efficiencies we could gain in overall AP administration and invoice approvals. Another requirement was the ability to easily scale and upgrade the solution as needed." - Paul Fournet, Accounts Payable Supervisor, Reily Foods

The deployment was completed in four months, all while simultaneously going through the year end closing process. On the first day of go-live, there were no interruptions, leading the CFO to comment that the solution was nearly transparent because it was so seamless.

Reily foods complete invoice processing time – from receipt to posting in the ERP for payment – is now just under 40 hours, less than two days and significantly faster than the lead time with the previous system in place. They have nearly eliminated all manual work, allowing the AP team members to spend their time on more strategic, value-driven tasks, including tracking KPIs and developing continuous improvement policies and procedures.

Now with Medius AP Automation, we have visibility like you would not imagine!" - Paul Fournet, Accounts Payable Supervisor, Reily Foods

Reily Foods has also seen immense benefits in the accounting closing processes, both at month-end and year-end. What would have normally been a multi-day, strenuous process of pulling paper invoices and poring over spreadsheets is now a simple series of clicks to pull the necessary reports out of Medius. The team knows exactly where they stand in cash management and what invoices are outstanding and when they are due.