Greater efficiency with one AP solution for Fluiconnecto worldwide

Fluiconnecto is a leading international service organization focused on high pressure hoses and fluid connectors, providing products and maintenance services for all market segments including marine, oil & gas, construction, industry and manufacturing. Fluiconnecto is present in 29 countries on 5 continents and has over 1,300 employees.

  • Fluiconnecto is a leading international service organization focused on high pressure hoses and fluid connectors, providing products and maintenance services for all market segments
  • Solution: MediusFlow connected to Fluiconnecto’s ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX/365
  • A solution to support AP automation in a multi-ERP environment
  • Foundation for Shared Service Center according to the IT strategy
  • Efficiency results: increased productivity of 50%
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A disperse group with multiple ERP systems

Fluiconnecto is comprised of a group of companies gained by mergers and acquisitions, which led to several different ERP systems being in use throughout the organization. Fluiconnecto’s current ERP landscape is a patchwork of different systems, including Sage, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. However, a decision has been made to transition all companies and business units of the group to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The main goal for Fluiconnecto is to have all processes, starting from marketing to aftersales, supported within Microsoft Dynamics 365. In areas where the standard Microsoft Dynamics offering has no satisfying solution, Fluiconnecto chooses to work with best-of-breed solutions connected to Dynamics 365, which, in the case of accounts payable automation, is MediusFlow.

Decentralized and resource heavy AP processes

Another challenge with a dispersed organization is that invoice processing within Fluiconnecto was managed in many disparate ways. Some business units were managing invoices in a fully manual, paper-based process whereas others handled invoices by email. Still, others had advanced a bit further by setting up invoice reception by EDI.

The manual process in particular, caused many errors and left invoices to float unresolved within the organisation, resulting in a lengthy AP process. In addition, up to 3 FTEs were needed to manage invoice registrations, coding, distributions and approvals. This problematic situation was amplified across each entity within the group. To remedy this suck on resources, Fluiconnecto decided to set up the foundation for a shared service center in line with their IT strategy to handle all supplier invoices for the entire group.

‘In every country we have at least one person at the AP department processing supplier invoices. Those people can easily be adopted into the shared service center to save a lot of time on the AP process and have everything centralized’, says Boudewijn Rast, Group IT Manager at Fluiconnecto.

To reach this goal, the IT department of Fluiconnecto started the search for a new AP Automation solution.

A solution to support AP automation in a multi-ERP environment

Fluiconnecto searched for a solution to support their needs of a centralized and efficient AP process that would also easily connect with the different ERP systems in place. Other must-have criteria for the AP automation solution was that it should be cloud-based technology, a Microsoft Certified provider and global presence to support Fluiconnecto’s international organization.

‘Not many suppliers of IT solutions can connect to multiple ERPs,’ says Svetoslav Petrov, Business Applications Manager at Fluiconnecto, ‘That was one of the biggest advantages of choosing MediusFlow. We can still process all our invoices in one and the same streamlined workflow even though not all of our companies are working in the same ERP platform. Besides that, the contacts within Medius gave us great confidence in a strong partnership. They thought well with us and provided us with the correct information adequately.’

Smooth implementation and unified master data

As a result of the multi-ERP environment all companies within the Fluiconnecto group had different master data set-up and processes. Therefore, the first step was to unify the master data to ensure all companies use the same set-up and enable accurate reporting. When this was in place the project to implement MediusFlow began. This task was crucial to ensure Fluiconnecto would get the most out of the new solution as the master data is the key to achieving high levels of automation as well as ensure high quality financial reporting.

‘First, you need to agree on the data set-up, a common data structure and chart of accounts set-up so you can organize reporting in a clear way, then start implementing the AP automation solution’, says Boudewijn Rast.

Fluiconnecto had a smooth, streamlined go-live with MediusFlow. ‘Because Fluiconnecto was also replacing the ERP systems at the same time, this required a great deal of flexibility from the Medius team. We were very impressed by the MediusFlow implementation methodology with a structured plan and timely deliveries, which ensures that it is clear in advance which activities were assigned to whom. We are used to very hectic go-lives, but with MediusFlow we didn’t have had any issues thanks to this approach.’ – says Boudewijn Rast.

The result: 50% increase in productivity

As a company, Fluiconnecto wants to take the lead when it comes to process efficiency as well as IT maturity. All AP staff are trained in using MediusFlow and can now be more productive in their daily work. As such, MediusFlow has supported a faster and more efficient accounts payable process.

‘With MediusFlow we process 50% more invoices within the same time period compared to the prior solution. Since we have automated 3-way invoice matching in place, MediusFlow processes a large volume of invoices automatically, without anyone touching or seeing the invoices,’ ends Boudewijn Rast.