Dynapac automates invoice processing with MediusFlow and SAP S/4HANA

Dynapac is a leading manufacturer of road construction machines, including asphalt pavers, rollers and light equipment. The company runs factories in Germany, Sweden, India, China and Brazil, as well as sales offices in numerous regions across the globe.

With a large global supplier base, invoice volumes are high and invoices arrive in various formats, with many needing to be matched to purchase orders. With a manual process this translates to endless hours, delayed supplier payments and poor visibility of invoices in process. Dynapac has been using the MediusFlow AP automation solution since 2013 – beginning with an on-premise solution and moving to the cloud version in 2018.

"With MediusFlow in the cloud, we know that we always have access to the latest version with the most up to date functionality. We no longer need to spend time and resources on upgrade projects.” – Axel Niederquell, IT Manager, Dynapac


Cash discounts and time savings drivers for automation

Before implementing MediusFlow, the team at Dynapac spent long hours on manual data entry as well as distributing and chasing invoice copies for approvals across the geographically widespread organization.

MediusFlow introduced a fully digital accounts payable workflow. Purchase order based invoices are automatically matched to PO data from the SAP S/4HANA ERP and expense invoices are automatically distributed to the right approver for easy review and approval on desktop or mobile browsers.

"Since all invoice data now sits in a digital archive, we have full visibility and audits are completed much easier than before. Everything is available with a simple search in MediusFlow.” – Axel Niederquell, IT Manager, Dynapac

Removing the manual steps saves time for everyone in the organization. In addition, this significantly faster invoice management process has resulted in hard savings for Dynapac.

"Early payment discounts are heavily used in Germany. Thanks to MediusFlow, we have been able to get invoices into the system quickly and approved well in time to capture cash discounts from our suppliers. This is a huge improvement for us.” – Axel Niederquell, IT Manager, Dynapac

Smooth implementation to SAP S/4HANA

As Dynapac transitioned to SAP S/4HANA as their new global ERP system, they were able to leverage MediusFlow’s S/4HANA connector to ensure data synchronization between the two cloud solutions.

"Connecting MediusFlow to SAP S/4HANA went very smooth. Since SAP is a new ERP for our team, we relied on Medius to guide us through the process. The Medius team proved to be very knowledgeable of SAP S/4HANA, and thanks to the Medius integration gateway we could go live easily and quickly.” – Axel Niederquell, IT Manager, Dynapac

More efficiency gains with MediusFlow capture

During the past year Dynapac chose to move from an external invoice data capture solution and instead leverage the capture functionality within MediusFlow. This way, the entire invoice management process – from reception and matching to approval and final posting – is managed in the same solution.

"Using the capture functionality within MediusFlow has further helped us drive efficiencies in our process. In most cases we have been able to remove the scanning step and instruct our suppliers to send invoices to an inbox that is automatically connected to MediusFlow. The fact that every step of the workflow is integrated in one system just makes invoice processing so much easier for our team.” – Axel Niederquell, IT Manager, Dynapac

Continuous AP process improvements

The Dynapac team uses dashboards within MediusFlow to track where invoices are in the process and where bottlenecks occur. This way, they can take action to further speed up processing of invoices. Additionally, they leverage reports to analyze deviations on order-based invoices to improve master data quality, such as price list updates in SAP S/4HANA, and enable increased automatic invoice matching rates.

"With MediusFlow we are in a good position to continuously improve processes and drive higher automation rates. We get access to new functionality in the solution on a monthly basis and can affect future developments via Medius’ roadmap voting feature. We feel confident that we have selected a strong, stable and future-proof solution.” – Axel Niederquell, IT Manager, Dynapac