Faster invoice processing and improved visibility at SoftwareONE with MediusFlow

Global cloud solution provider SoftwareONE replaced a manual, time-consuming accounts payable process with MediusFlow, enabling over 90% fully automated processing of order-based invoices and accelerating the end-to-end AP process. Continue reading to learn how.

Paper jam at a growing cloud company

SoftwareONE is a leading global provider of end-to-end software and cloud technology solutions, headquartered in Switzerland. With around 5,300 employees and sales and service delivery capabilities in 90 countries, SoftwareONE provides around 65,000 business customers with software and cloud solutions from over 7,500 publishers.

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Before implementing AP automation with MediusFlow the accounts payable process at SoftwareONE was 100% manual, with a lot of paper invoices passing through the organization for approvals and archiving. Errors were evident and the approval process lengthy.

“Getting rid of paper invoices and improving accuracy and control was one of the main drivers to implement an AP automation solution. As a growing business we cannot afford having our AP staff tied up with chasing paper, we needed a more scalable process.” – Pim Beijen, Group NWC Manager, SoftwareONE

The choice: a cloud AP solution with strong integration to Dynamics NAV

SoftwareONE went through a thorough research and selection process to find the AP solution to fit their specific needs. The project team created a scoring model with detailed requirements from different parts of the organization including Procurement, Finance and IT.

This selection process included technical requirements, such as a solid integration to SoftwareONE’s ERP system Dynamics NAV, as well as finance requirements, such as automatic matching of purchase orders and reporting capabilities. With 88 legal entities around the world it was also crucial to include local legal requirements, language and currency support in the final AP solution.

Based on the scoring model, MediusFlow’s cloud-based AP automation solution was selected to support SoftwareONE in their global accounts payable transformation journey.

“For efficiency purposes it was a pre-requisite for us to select a cloud-based AP automation solution. MediusFlow’s advanced invoice matching capabilities and pre-packaged integration to Dynamics NAV also strongly contributed to our decision.” – Pim Beijen, Group NWC Manager SoftwareONE

Record-fast automation effects in AP

Since the implementation of MediusFlow, SoftwareONE has experience incredible process efficiency improvements. Because MediusFlow includes strong PO-matching capabilities and best-practice workflows out-of-the-box, SoftwareONE has achieved an average touchless ratio above 90% within just a few months. In one country the touchless ratio hit an astonishing 94% just 2 weeks after go-live.

Invoice approval lead times have been dramatically shortened for AP staff, as well as approvers. In particular, response times from management, who can now use their mobile phone for invoice approvals, have gone down from 6 weeks to only 2 days!

“MediusFlow enabled us to reach high automation rates right from the start. And we proactively work on continuous improvements. We now have better visibility into the process to understand where things go wrong and where we need to improve. When an invoice is not automatically matched, we identify the issue and contact the supplier to have them correct and resend the invoice so that we can leverage automatic matching and further improve our process.” – Pim Beijen, Group NWC Manager

Native invoice data capture increase automation

In order to maximize automation and touchless invoice processing SoftwareONE tested two different options for invoice data capture: one external solution and MediusFlow’s native capture capabilities. During the test period SoftwareONE experienced a more efficient process and less manual touch points with invoice data capture inside MediusFlow. SoftwareONE could also speed up user onboarding and adoption since the entire invoice process was managed in one solution with one user interface.

“One integrated solution and interface ensures a smooth training and user process for our staff. The capturing of invoices through MediusFlow has automated the incoming invoice process and ensures a very high matching rate of PO invoices. As the recognition of invoices improves over time, it will increase process efficiency and productivity within our organization.” – Pim Beijen, Group NWC Manager

Improved visibility and financial reporting

Improving the efficiency of financial processes was a major objective when SoftwareONE implemented MediusFlow. Now that all invoice data sits in one single repository with customizable reports and built-in dashboards available, SoftwareONE finance teams can feel confident they have a full picture of the company’s invoices at any given time.