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Infographic: How to Improve your AP Flow

Despite the growing market availability of new and improved AP invoice automation technology, many companies still share a common struggle with pain points such as time-consuming manual steps in the invoice management process and lengthy, inefficient approval processes for non-PO based invoices. 

If you’re looking to improve your accounts payable process for 2018 and beyond, now is the time to assess the current state of your AP invoice “flow” and pin point the problem areas to focus on. We conducted a survey together with sharedserviceslink to take the pulse of the modern-day accounts payable world and understand what the most common pain points are, what processes work well and where problems occur in the invoice journey. 

Read the infographic below to see our four key findings about the current state of the invoice process and three ways to address the most pressing issues at hand. 

Then, read the complete report on the survey data with more ways to fix common pain points in AP. Download now

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Did the AP process pain points sound familiar to you or resonate with your existing AP flow? Is improving your invoice process with automation on your radar for 2018 and beyond? Download the detailed findings report from our survey with sharedserviceslink for access to even more recommendations for improving your accounts payable process.

Dmitri Krasik

Dmitri Krasik

VP Sales - North America