What is Invoice Matching?

Invoice matching involves comparing and linking a supplier invoice with the underlying data on which the cost is based – a purchase order and goods delivery receipt (GDR), or a contract.

Invoice matching in MediusFlow

Manually matching invoices to a purchase order and goods deliver reciept is complex and time consuming. Especially when it requires matching at the line level. An AP invoice automation solution can handle a large part of the invoice matching so that the invoice is processed in a fully automatic workflow – completely touchless.

When the information on the invoice does not match the underlying data, a deviation occurs. This deviation must be reviewed and handled by the person within the organization who is responsible for the purchase in question. In many cases, this can be a complex and tedious task. Here as well, an accounts payable software can simplify and streamline the process by automatically identifying deviations and sending only the specific invoice lines to the right person for review and a decision.


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Automated invoice matching

Companies using the MediusFlow AP invoice automation solution process an average of 67% of their invoices in a fully automated – touchless – workflow thanks to an advanced matching engine.