Medius vision and core values

Our vision:

Our vision is what we strive for. It is our ultimate goal and the challenge that makes us perform at our best every single day. Our vision is to be No.1 in cloud-based AP invoice automation and to be the true AP invoice automation experts.

Our purpose:

Our purpose defines our reason for being. It is our utmost commitment to our customers and what we are expected to deliver, every day. 

To free up time and make information available for our customers. We help our customers to free up time to focus on their core business. The information made available by our processes enables our customers to improve their control and efficiency and lower their costs in order to increase overall profitability.

Our values:

Our values guide us in our daily work. They tell us how we can fulfill our purpose and strive towards our vision, every day.

1. Burning with passion

Our hearts and brains carry us a long way. But it’s our passion and sense of responsibility for our work that takes us to our goals. We know that encouraging personal ambition and willpower creates an entrepreneurship and loyalty that spreads, both internally and to our customer relationships. Making it irresistibly fun to work with us, and creating joy and excitement.

And above all – igniting the passionate fire to create unrivaled success!

2. Teaming up with the best to become No. 1

We gather the sharpest minds in the industry and welcome challenging customers, in order to lead the way for new progress and become number one. To deliver world-class solutions, offer world-class knowledge and give world-class service is as natural to us as the air we breathe. To always deliver on top and get things done is who we are, where we come from and where we’re heading.

A DNA that attracts the stars of today and tomorrow to work with us, and carries us to where we’re going.


3. Genius through simplicity

We work hard every day to make everything as uncomplicated as possible, from our processes and customer interfaces to everyday relationships. We are in fact devoted to simplicity. The simplicity that makes our solutions easy to implement and use. That makes us talk in a way that people understand, and that makes us easy to work with. That makes it possible for us to professionally deliver that which is infinitely complicated in a fascinatingly simple way.

There is an expression for it. Genius through simplicity!

4. Daring to succeed

Great actions take great courage, and a never failing faith in the seemingly impossible. That’s why we’re always there for each other to offer that little extra when it’s needed; the encouraging word at the right time and the tolerant understanding when something has gone wrong. Because we know it takes brave steps out into the unknown to become a winner, and that all success cost temporary setbacks.

For us, every day is a day of daring. Daring to succeed!

Our customer promise:

The reasoning above leads us to our customer promise: ”We create time.” Or as we’d rather express it: ”Time is king.