Medius Ideathon 2020 winners share their best tips for innovation

Medius has a tradition of organizing the Ideathon event - a competition that aims to boost innovation within the organization in a creative way. We asked last year’s winners, a duo who named themselves ‘Team Tesla’, to share their experiences of the Ideathon 2020 and their tips for fostering innovation.

“We have both been working at Medius for around 10 years and we have participated in all previous Ideathons, hence we did not need much convincing to apply for this year’s event. We have never won any of the previous Ideathons, but some of our ideas got implemented in Medius solutions anyway, which also helped with the motivation to join again”, said the winners of Ideathon 2020.

Each Ideathon competition has a theme. This year the theme was to explore further usage of AI technology and the challenge was to ”develop ideas  where the end-user considers the system as being smart”.

The competition targets the RnD (Research and Development) teams at Medius and it is fully optional to participate. Each contestant or team can use up to 8 working hours per person to develop and submit an idea. The Product Management team then has the difficult task to select the submissions that are qualified for the final round. The first round is solely based on written/graphic material and the final round is a presentation where the entire Medius organization is invited to attend. This year the four teams that made it to the finals presented their ideas to the jury in an online conference.

“The most challenging part of this year’s Ideathon was preparing a presentation for 100+ people and making it only 10 minutes long. It required a lot of preparation to make the presentation clear, enjoyable, and convincing for an audience with various backgrounds. At the same time, we needed to cover a lot of content and somehow fit it in 10min”, said the winners of Ideathon 2020.

Three tips to boost innovation:

Take advantage of interdisciplinary knowledge

Looking for solutions to problems from a totally different field of business is a great way to find new perspectives to the work you are doing. Is it possible to get inspired by processes in a meat packing business that result in a solution for handling logistics of an airline? Experiences outside of work can also give you new perspectives to how you can get more innovative at work. In other words, use your interdisciplinary knowledge to think outside the box.

Innovation is not all about tech

Innovations and new technology go hand in hand. However, innovation is much more than tech. According to this year’s Medius Ideathon winners, innovation is the mindset to continuously look for improvements. “People often connect innovations with new technology but for us it is a mean for exploring new capabilities and improvements”, the winning duo said.

Dare to question the obvious

We have concluded that innovation is about improving and exploring new grounds. That is why it is important to question the current situation. By looking at the different angles of the current, it is possible to acknowledge the things that are considered obvious. By questioning the most obvious ways of working or the most obvious processes, there can be quite a lot of room for innovation.


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