Control indirect spend with e-procurement

Dealing with the unpredictable category of indirect spend is a common challenge for all businesses. Moving from “after-the-fact” processing of expense invoices, which involves time-consuming manual coding and approval routing, to a world where indirect spend is controlled and pre-approved means you can take advantage of AP automation to further streamline the process.  

MediusFlow Procurement is a dynamic and intuitive e-procurement solution that offers your organization increased process efficiency and true spend control. 

MediusFlow Procurement gives you the power to:

  • Establish a pre-approval purchase model to reclaim control of indirect spend
  • Eliminate maverick spend and unpredictable costs
  • Improve the accuracy of reports and forecasts to eliminate financial surprises  

Digital procurement for financial predictability  

Running a business with several locations means you have a number of managers tasked with making budget decisions for their specific office or department. But those decisions ultimately impact your entire operation. They can make it incredibly difficult to centrally manage indirect purchases, leading to uncontrolled spend and persistent unpredictable costs.  

MediusFlow Procurement is user-friendly e-procurement software that helps you manage purchase requisitions, orders and goods receipts in a fully digital workflow. This way, you can easily create a pre-approval purchase model to turn after-the-fact expenses into order-based purchases, with invoices automatically matched to the purchase order for a fully touchless process. This increases automation in your accounts payable system and ensures compliance with existing purchase policies. The end result is improved relationships with your vendors, and greater accuracy in your financial reporting and forecasting.  

Are you tired of dealing with constant financial surprises? Find out how you can avoid them by booking a demonstration of MediusFlow Procurement.  

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