For manufacturers, dealing with hundreds or thousands of suppliers is a challenge. Keeping them happy to preserve your supply chain means paying them on time. But that becomes difficult if you’re manually processing tens of thousands of invoices in an outdated and time-consuming accounts payable workflow.  

Automating that workflow gives you a modernized, more efficient process. And with MediusFlow, you can discover a solution perfectly tailored to the invoice processing challenges of manufacturers.

We started out with a staff of three that handled 50,000 invoices in a manual process. Today the same staff handles 120,000 invoices for ten Elekta companies in Europe and South Africa. It’s really a fantastic example of how modern technology can improve companies such as ours.
- Andrew Ainsworth, Finance Manager, Elekta UK

For manufacturing, MediusFlow means:

  • Streamlining and automating invoice processing
  • Maximizing discount opportunities by paying suppliers on time
  • Providing accurate cash management and financial reporting  

Spend your time wisely  

Direct spend creates distinct challenges for manufacturing businesses. The numerous vendors who supply your raw materials also supply your accounting staff with a huge volume of invoices every day. Each of those invoices must be carefully matched against a purchase order and then approved by the responsible party within your organization.  

MediusFlow simplifies or eliminates this labor-intensive process. An unrivalled matching engine enables dynamic matching of invoices to orders, goods receipts or contracts, making it possible for the invoice to be approved automatically and sent for payment without any intervention whatsoever.  

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Manufacturers who successfully have automated their AP with MediusFlow

Efficiency to get the best deal  

For indirect spend, automation with MediusFlow lets you easily automate the coding, distribution and approval of vendor invoices, for a more efficient process. When matching against a purchase order or goods receipt, MediusFlow can also automatically identify deviations in the incoming invoice and send specific line-item information to the right person within your company for quick and easy review.    

Faster approvals significantly cut the time it takes your AP staff to process invoices. Not only does that translate to improved relationships with each of your vendors, it creates opportunities to capture early payment discounts. That’s how you can ensure the best deal possible at every step – from procurement to payment.

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