Medius in brief

Medius is a leading provider of AP invoice automation solutions in the cloud. The MediusFlow solution automates and simplifies the entire P2P (purchase-to-pay) process.


About Medius

Founded in 2001, Medius has grown steadily and now serves more than 2,000 customers worldwide processing 52 million invoices annually, with high density in retail, manufacturing and professional services sectors. Medius currently employs 220 AP invoice automation experts working out of offices in Sweden (HQ), the United States, Norway, Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands, Malaysia and Australia. Find contact info to our offices here

Our solutions 

We allow our customers to achieve efficient and automated invoice management with greater control and less manual input. Our solutions MediusFlow and Ascendo Invoice (currently offered in Sweden only) enable a high level of fully automated – touchless – invoice processing, with best-in-class customers achieving more than 90% touchless ratio. This way, we help free up time for our customers to focus on the core of their business, allowing them to make better business decisions.


Our vendors are extremely happy. In the past, we were struggling to pay an invoice in less than 45 days. With MediusFlow we have been able to shorten our invoice processing lead time to in average 11 days.

- Regis Litre, CIO, Marc Jacobs

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