Krambo deployed AP automation in less than a week

They thought it would take one and a half months. It took four days. Then it was all done and Krambo Bostad went live with MediusFlow. Most likely a world record in the implementation of AP invoice automation.

Krambo MediusFlow customer


  • Krambo Bostad AB - the municipal housing company in Kramfors Municipality, Sweden
  • Cloud-based MediusFlow XI and Medius’ standardized best practice accounts payable process
  • Integrated with Iptor DC1 (ERP system)
  • 15,000 invoices per year

Record-fast launch in just 4 days!

  • Tuesday: Workshop to specify functions needed
  • Wednesday: Successful tests with invoices and connection with the ERP system
  • Thursday: 20 users trained in the morning. Preparations for going live in the afternoon.
  • Friday: Went live with all invoices.

Key success factors for rapid implementation

  • The Krambo team was well prepared and key personnel was available during implementation
  • MediusFlow in the cloud enabling a simple deployment
  • MediusFlow standardized and best practice process was used

Krambo Bostads AB is the municipal housing company in Kramfors Municipality. The company processes 15,000 AP invoices a year in a flow integrated with Iptor DC1 ERP system. Krambo was looking for a new AP invoice automation supplier in 2014 and chose Medius. Krambo chose MediusFlow in the cloud and Medius’ standardized implementation process.

Initially, IT Manager David Berglund estimated that this key implementation would take six weeks. It turned out he had overestimated how much time it would take a bit.

Krambo AP invoice automation case study

We understood that it would go much faster once  we sat down with the Medius project manager. But completing a delivery with this level of quality in less than one working week is very impressive.
David Berglund, IT Manager, Krambo

Workshop Tuesday. Go live Friday.

Tuesday to Friday. That was what was needed to bring Krambo’s invoice management to a whole new level, into the cloud. This is how it went down. On Tuesday, the team and users went through the flows and desired functions in a workshop. On Wednesday, complex invoices from a variety of suppliers were run through the test environment and the connections with the ERP system were secured. 20 users were trained on Thursday after flawless tests. Scenarios were run on large-screen displays for the users and plans were made for going live. It was ready to go live after just three days.

We went live at 8:30 in the morning on Friday and ensured that everything was working flawlessly. It was amazing to see that everything had gone so well and we let loose all of our invoices throughout the morning, said David Berglund, who added, everything is supposed to run smoothly in theory, but now it did in practice too.

The cloud boosted efficiency

The previous setup with software for AP invoice automation installed locally was scrapped in favor of the cloud. Automatic updates, convenience, security and cost effectiveness were the advantages that led Krambo to choose MediusFlow in the cloud. Medius’ standardized process provides best practices from its entire client base, but also the ability to configure MediusFlow to meet Krambo’s needs. This saves time and resources both in implementation and in day-to-day use.

I am impressed with how well Medius listens and their will to find solutions, which made the overall experience better than we could have hoped. For example, a VAT calculator was customized for us on the row level which the project manager quickly and easily configured after listening to our needs.
David Berglund, IT Manager, Krambo

Money saved now and in the future

Smart search functions and simple accruals save users a lot of time when allocating account codes for invoices. Over 10 minutes can often be saved when processing a single, slightly more complex invoice. Minutes become hours and days over long periods of time. In other words, a lot of money per year, which means that the investment will quickly pay for itself. The next step is to gradually cut down on scanning paper invoices. Krambo’s IT manager is now aiming to get more suppliers to switch to electronic invoices. Reinforced by the quick launch, he is looking forward to new business with Medius.

The Medius project manager showed great dedication and technical understanding. He really wanted to add enormous value for us and was careful to ensure that we were satisfied. As a client, that is something I appreciate for obvious reasons.
David Berglund, IT Manager, Krambo

About Krambo

Krambo is the municipal housing company in Kramfors Municipality. Krambo has approximately 1,800 residential properties, 60 student properties, 200 garages, 1,700 parking spaces and 170 large commercial properties. Besides residential and commercial properties, Krambo Bostads AB also manages schools, preschools, afterschool care facilities, assisted living facilities and swimming facilities.

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