The new MediusFlow mobile web app: a win-win solution for invoice approvers as well as finance organizations

Medius recently launched an upgraded mobile web solution for our next-generation AP invoice automation solution. Because the MediusFlow mobile web app is not a separate application that needs to be downloaded or implemented, users can get started right away by simply using a mobile browser from any device.

With the MediusFlow mobile web app users can review, add coding and approve invoices as well as exceptions faster, easier and more conveniently. This way, invoice processing lead times will be reduced dramatically as approvers handle their invoice inbox at anytime from anywhere.

We have seen MediusFlow customers improve efficiency and shorten their average invoice approval lead time substantially when implementing the mobile web app,” says Per Åkerberg CEO at Medius. “Plus, because the mobile web app allows for a simple one-click experience we get really positive feedback from invoice approvers about the time they save and how the mobile web app has simplified their day-to-day work.

With invoice approval times going down and practically no invoices getting stuck in the approval process the finance organization can enjoy real business benefits: increased accrual accuracy as a result of timely approvals, less painful month-end closing of books as well as better quality in predicting forecasts.

The MediusFlow mobile web app is really a win-win solution for business stakeholders and the finance organization,” says Daniel Saraste, Product Director at Medius. “Allowing for approval anywhere leads to quick response times and improved accuracy, which ultimately brings healthier finances to the entire business.

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