Meet the team: Mattias Wolff

Mattias Wolff Medius

Mattias Wolff is Cloud Operations Manager, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

My role at Medius

In the Cloud Operations team, we are dedicated to bringing the best possible user experience to our MediusFlow Cloud customers. Key aspects include working with the infrastructure and tools to monitor the health of MediusFlow as well as rolling out new product releases.

My main focus as team lead is to help the team perform at our best. We strongly believe in the concept of continuous improvements and aim to do our tasks a little bit better each week. I'm really happy to see that this is a process where everyone in the team is engaged and contributes with new ideas.

A typical working day in the Cloud Operations team

As an operations team, we deal with a mix of planned work and incidents that need to be resolved. There is always one of us "on-call" that receives alerts if we have any critical incidents in MediusFlow. During these shifts the focus is always quick response to any indication of problems.

We are also able to spend significant time on improvements. For us working in Cloud Operations this means things like automation of different tasks (usually with PowerShell), evaluate new tools (we use many open source components like Jenkins, Grafana, Haproxy) and learning about new technologies coming to Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform.

Last but not least we keep a tight dialogue and cooperation with other Medius teams about ongoing and future efforts to further improve our service.

What I value most about working at Medius

I've been with Medius for several years now. During this time, we have transformed from a traditional software/consultant company to really embracing the cloud. For me working in the Cloud Operations team this has been a really interesting journey to be part of.

I've learned, and continue to learn so much about a wide variety of topics. Everything from the business aspects of a cloud company to being a better leader in an agile environment and the technical aspects of building a large scale distributed cloud application.