How to increase automation in the P2P process

Increasing automation in the full procure-to-pay process can improve automation upstream and downstream, generating sustainable and tangible value as well as improving control and visibility into corporate spending. This white paper explains how to increase automation in the full P2P process by introducing Mediusflow Procurement and Contracts to your AP-process.
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Connecting and automating the full procure-to-pay process has been the end-game scenario for procure-to-pay thought leadership for the past decade. Yet, solutions that realize the scenarios potential have been rare at best; and more often than not the ROI of implemented solutions have been less than flattering.

Automation is key to closing the P2P invoice process loop

By taking a full grip on the end-to-end process, procurement can improve control over tactical spend, in turn providing matching data that automates the invoice process downstream, improving both process efficiency and transparency. This white paper explores how organizations can reap more benefits from an automated P2P-process leveraging Mediusflow to:

  • Increase control across the end-to-end process
  • Improve transparency in the P2P process offering real-time contract usage information for tactical spend 
  • Increase automation to process invoices from all channels more efficientlyImprove cash management by capture of early payment and volume discounts