How accounts payable process automation works in MediusFlow for Microsoft Dynamics AX

The most time-consuming and often frustrating aspect of invoice management is the comparison and matching of invoices against purchase orders and goods receipts.
With automated, advanced line-level matching, you can eliminate the manual labour and lag time associated with matching. Invoices without deviations are processed automatically, and those with unacceptable variations are instantly flagged.

By implementing MediusFlow incoming invoice are automatically captured and interpreted, validated and then routed for approval.
How the AP invoice process works for Microsoft Dynamics
Integrated to Microsoft Dynamics AX, Mediusflow pulls master data from the ERP back-end to ensure correct validation and matching. While many AP automation solutions post vouchers directly into the general ledger, Mediusflow's standardized integration towards Microsoft Dynamics AX allows postings to be made to other modules as well. For example – many service companies use the Project Module of Microsoft Dynamics AX as a basis for their accounting. With Mediusflow, postings can be made directly to the project module allowing better traceability and compliance with business rules.