Video: Learn how we can save you MORE time and money

From the very beginning when invoices were distributed in brown circulation envelopes to the no-touch invoice process of today, a lot has happened in the invoice automation business. This MediusFlow overview video demonstrates how MediusFlow helps organizations to accomplish a nearly fully automated AP invoice process.

Automation is no longer a luxury, but a question of survival. Good process control means great decision making, and lead time reduction is a competitive advantage. The standard is now to automate all invoices, no matter if they consist of 80, 60, 40 or 0% PO-based invoices.

Unfortunately, a lot companies are still stuck in the semi-manual process.

MediusFlow, a second generation AP invoice automation solution, can automatically process invoices to a higher extent than ever before. MediusFlow not only uses purchase orders for matching, but also goods receipt notes and contracts: increasing the first time pass rate. 

In this MediusFlow overview demo, it's described how MediusFlow allows automation of more invoices than ever before: so AP clerks can focus solely on deviations.